MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha

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MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha
MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha main menu.png
ECTS Pre-Alpha main menu.
Developer(s) SCEE Cambridge Studio
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Release date September 7, 1997[1]
Previous demo MediEvil Prototype (June '97) (E3)
MediEvil Rolling Demo (demo disc)
Next demo MediEvil E3 '98 Demo (trade show)
MediEvil 0.32 Demo (demo disc)

The MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha is a version of MediEvil that is 25 days ahead of the MediEvil Rolling Demo and 376 days behind the final version of the game. As indicated by its name, the ECTS Pre-Alpha was created for the 1997 European Computer Trade Show.[1] Despite only two levels being accessible in the Pre-Alpha without hacking, every level found on the disc is playable.


Players can explore two levels as part of the demo: The Graveyard and The Ant Caves. There is no time limit for playing either level. Messages guide the player through the levels.


The Options menu can be accessed from the main menu by selecting the "Options" button and pressing X button. Players can set which level they want to play from here.

Three FMVs can be viewed by players from the Options menu as well: These are "Main intro", "Game start intro" and "Intermission 6." These FMVs will play on their own from the main menu if it is not interacted with for 30 seconds. "Intermission 9" also plays, though this seems to be in error as it has no sound and is not selectable from the Options menu.

All in-game music can also be played from the Options menu.

Selecting "Sound Test" in the Options menu will briefly show a black screen and then load up the main menu, while selecting "Model view" will cause the game to crash. If the player doesn't interact with the Options menu for about 12 seconds the game will return to the main menu.


As is the case with the MediEvil Rolling Demo, the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha resembles the arcade classic Ghosts 'n Goblins more closely than the Zeldaesque format of the retail releases of MediEvil. Elements like the Chalices of Souls, Help Gargoyles, Merchant Gargoyles, books and the inventory do not exist yet.


The MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha features a vastly different control scheme from the final game. Most notable are the tank controls when moving Dan around without the analog stick. Dan is also capable of sneaking and quickly turning around 180°, both moves that were removed before release. However, these controls are nearly identical to the ones featured in the MediEvil Rolling Demo.

The default Digital control scheme is Digital - 1. The default Analog control scheme is Analog - 1. These cannot be changed without the use of cheats.


Action Digital - 0 Digital - 1 Digital - 2
Attack (hold for continuous attack) X button X button R1 button
Jump (hold for higher jump) Square button Square button Up button
Jump-turn Triangle button Triangle button L1 button
Duck (block if shield equipped) Circle button Down button Down button
Walk Up button R1 button Triangle button
Walk backwards Down button L2 button X button
Turn left Left button Left button Left button
Turn right Right button Right button Right button
Sneak Up button + L1 button L1 button Triangle button + L2 button
Run Up button + R1 button / L3 R2 button / L3 Triangle button + R2 button / L3
Jump left L2 button Circle button + Left button Square button
Jump right R2 button Circle button + Right button Circle button
Open text box R3 R3 R3
Show game controls SELECT SELECT SELECT
Open pause menu START START START
Show HUD START (hold) START (hold) START (hold)

Analog - 0

The general button layout is based on Digital - 0. With this setting, Dan does not turn around when the analog stick is moved in the opposite direction of where he is facing; he walks backwards instead. If the analog stick is tilted only slightly, Dan will walk instead of run. This is different from the Rolling Demo where Dan always walks by default.

Analog - 1

The general button layout is based on Digital - 0. With this setting, Dan turns to face the direction of the analog stick and walks in that direction without exception. If the analog stick is tilted only slightly, Dan will walk instead of run.

Pause Menu

The pause menu is extremely different from the retail release, but mostly identical to how it was in the MediEvil Rolling Demo, safe for a few notable exceptions:

  • CONTROL SETTINGS were moved into DEBUG1.
  • ENERGY was replaced with INVULNERABILITY.
  • The "None" option was removed from WEAPON.
  • ENTVAL DISPLAY was added.
  • CAMERA MODE was renamed to CAMERA PLUGIN and the available options were changed.
    • However, CAMERA MODE was retained as a new setting.
RESUME X to continue.
RESTART** X to restart.
EXIT X to exit.
FX VOLUME: L/R to change.
MUSIC VOLUME: L/R to change.
ALLOW DEMO RECORD:** Not available X to toggle.
DIFFICULTY LEVEL:* 0-3 L/R to change.
LIVES:* 1-9 L/R to change.
INVULNERABILITY:* On/Off X to toggle.
Small Sword

Big Sword
Magic Sword
Chick Drumstick
Own arm

L/R to change.
WEAPON POWER-UP:* On/Off X to toggle.


L/R to change.
Chaos - No/Yes

Earth - No/Yes
Moon - No/Yes
Star - No/Yes
Time - No/Yes

X/L/R to change.
JUST DAN:** On/Off X toggles (must restart).
TESTCARD:** On/Off X to toggle.
MATRICES:** Not available X to toggle.
ENTVAL DISPLAY:** Not available X to toggle.
TERRAIN MODE:* Not available X to toggle.
GATSO:** On/Off X to toggle.
MAPVIEW DISPLAY:* Not available X to toggle.

Spline (lim)
Chase (gr)
Free (sus)
Free (tel)
Ghostly Rock
Ghostly Pole
AntCaves 1

L/R to change.
CAMERA MODE:* Near/Far L/R to change.
SUPER CHEAT* X to set.
SOUND TEST* X to enter.
PLACE ENTITY:** Not available L/R, O + L/R, X to place.
SHOW VRAM** X to enter.
SHOW MEM STATUS** X to enter.
GRAB SCREEN** X to enter.

* Unlocked with DEBUG1 or DEBUG2 cheat.
** Unlocked with DEBUG2 cheat only.


Main article: Potions in the MediEvil Rolling Demo

Potions are pick-ups found throughout the levels. They are easily recognised by their shaking, releasing of steam and jumping in the air. When Dan drinks them, they cause a variety of effects.


Main article: Cheats in MediEvil

Unlike in the MediEvil Rolling Demo, there is no cheat to enable DEBUG1.

Enable DEBUG2

While holding L2 button, press Square button, Triangle button, Circle button, Up button, Triangle button, Left button, Circle button, Right button, Down button. New options will then appear in the pause menu. This cheat unlocks all DEBUG1 options as well.[2]

Disable DEBUG2

While holding L2 button, press Left button, Circle button, Square button, Triangle button, Triangle button, Right button, Circle button, Left button, Left button. Inputting this after inputting the DEBUG2 cheat will revert the pause menu to normal.[2]

GameShark codes

Pause Menu
Code Name Effect
300D2EEC 0000
PAUSE Reverts to the default pause menu.[3]
300D2EEC 0001
DEBUG1 Unlocks additional options in the pause menu.[3]
300D2EEC 0002
DEBUG2 Unlocks additional options in the pause menu (including DEBUG1 options).[3]
Main Menu
Code Name Effect
800CD4D6 02FF
Halt Attract Mode Timeout Lets you idle on the main menu.[4]
800CDD04 02FF
Halt Options Menu Timeout Lets you idle on the options menu.[4]


Region PAL
Language(s) English
Attract Mode Yes
Primary Volume Descriptor
Volume Identifier MEDIEVIL
Publisher Identifier SCEE
Data Preparer Identifier CHRIS
Volume Creation Date 1997/05/20
Volume Creation Time 23:17:25
Creation Date Monday, 25th July 1997.
Creation Time ‏‎‏‎‏‎03:49:48
Creation Date Sunday, 7th September 1997.
Creation Time ‏‎07:35:57

File listing

The time zone for the following list of files is UTC+1.

Main directory

Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                -------------         ------ ----
d-----       25/07/1997     05:35                OVERLAYS
--r---       17/06/1997     04:42       13828096 10AV.STR
--r---       25/03/1997     03:05        5175296 11V.STR
--r---       17/06/1997     04:41       13484032 2AV.STR
--r---       02/05/1997     09:20        4208640 3AV.STR
--r---       02/05/1997     09:21        4454400 4AV.STR
--r---       02/05/1997     09:23        4345856 5AV.STR
--r---       02/05/1997     09:24        8202240 7AV.STR
--r---       02/05/1997     09:26        6727680 8AV.STR
--r---       02/05/1997     09:43        6772736 9AV.STR
--r---       23/08/1995     02:58       32970380 CREDOUT.CDA
--r---       16/06/1997     11:34       51101696 INTROAV.STR
--r---       25/07/1997     03:27       16003072 MEDRES.MWD
--r---       20/05/1997     08:41       43433984 MIG1.STR
--r---       24/05/1997     09:32       43433984 MIG2.STR
--r---       09/07/1997     10:54       43433984 MIG3.STR
--r---       03/06/1997     08:17        1916928 MIJ1.STR
--r---       03/06/1997     08:19        1916928 MIJ2.STR
--r---       03/06/1997     08:19        1916928 MIJ3.STR
--r---       25/07/1997     03:49         749568 PSX.EXE
--r---       01/04/1997     09:57        7536640 TITLEAV.STR
Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                -------------         ------ ----
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48          27552 AC.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48          10756 AG.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48          23040 CC.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 CH.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 CS.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 CV.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48          12208 DC.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 EE.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 EH.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 FD.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48           2324 GG.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 GM.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48          24080 GS.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48          14696 GY.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 HI.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48          17720 HR.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 LA.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 MR.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 MS.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48           8896 PD.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48          31868 PG.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 PS.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48          17296 SF.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48          23584 SV.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 SW.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48           1516 TD.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 TH.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 TL.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:48              4 TR.BIN
--r---       25/07/1997     03:49           2568 ZL.BIN


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