Aloy's War Bow

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Aloy's War Bow
Flavour text Placeholder - It has electric arrows and stuff.
Type Ranged weapon
Ammunition EMP Arrows
Cut from MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)

Aloy's War Bow is a weapon that was cut from the MediEvil remake. It was one of several planned weapons from other PlayStation franchises along with the Katana, Leviathan Axe, and a Bloodborne Weapon.

Aloy's War Bow is a weapon from Horizon Zero Dawn. Several text strings referring to the weapon remain in the game files along with a placeholder image of the weapon. The strings are as follows:

Key Value
General/INV_BOW_HORIZON Aloy's War Bow
General/INV_BOW_HORIZON_STOLEN Aloy's War Bow stolen!
General/INV_BOW_HORIZON_FOUND Found Aloy's War Bow.
General/INV_BOW_HORIZON_FLAVOR Placeholder - It has electric arrows and stuff.
General/INV_BOW_HORIZON_RECOVERED Recovered Aloy's War Bow.

In other languages

Most languages did not localise the name of the bow as it was not implemented. However, a few languages did:

Language Name
German Aloys Kriegsbogen
Japanese アーロイのバトルボウ
Āroi no batorubou
Polish Łuk bojowy Aloy
Portuguese (Brazil) Arco da Guerra de Aloy
Portuguese (Portugal) Arco de Guerra de Aloy
Spanish (LatAm) Arco de guerra de Aloy
Turkish Aloy'un Savaş Yayı


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