Bloodborne Weapon

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Bloodborne Weapon
Flavour text Placeholder - This is a weapon from Bloodborne
Type Weapon
Cut from MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)

The Bloodborne Weapon is a weapon that was cut from the MediEvil remake. It was one of several planned weapons from other PlayStation franchises along with Aloy's War Bow, the Leviathan Axe, and the Katana.

The Bloodborne Weapon would have been a weapon from Bloodborne. Several text strings referring to the weapon remain in the game files. However, there is no placeholder image for the weapon. It is possible it was replaced by the Katana from Ghost of Tsushima, which has a placeholder image but no strings.

The strings for the Bloodborne Weapon are as follows:

Key Value
General/INV_WEAPON_BLOODBORNE Bloodborne Weapon (placeholder)
General/INV_WEAPON_BLOODBORNE_FOUND Found Weapon from Bloodborne.
General/INV_WEAPON_BLOODBORNE_FLAVOR Placeholder - This is a weapon from Bloodborne
General/INV_WEAPON_BLOODBORNE_RECOVERED Recovered Weapon from Bloodborne.
General/INV_WEAPON_BLOODBORNE_STOLEN Weapon from Bloodborne stolen!

In other languages

Most languages did not localise the weapon name as it was not implemented. However, a few languages did:

Language Name
German Bloodborne-Waffe (Platzhalter)
Japanese ブラッドボーン武器(placeholder)
Buraddobōn buki(placeholder)
Polish Broń zrodzona z krwi (placeholder)
Portuguese (Brazil) Arma de Bloodborne
Portuguese (Portugal) Arma do Bloodborne (temporário)
Spanish (LatAm) Arma de Bloodborne (placeholder)
Turkish Bloodborne Silahı (yer tutucu)


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