The Silver Wood

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PLEASE NOTE: This page refers to content that is not present in the final versions of the game due to being cut, removed or repurposed.
The Silver Wood
Possible loading screen from the 2019 remake.
General information
Enemies Jabberwocky, Spiders
Music Quest for Vengeance
FMV before level 9AV
FMV after level 10AV
Chronological information
Previous level 21. Circle of Shadows[1]
Next level 23. The Ghost Ship[1]
Location on Land Map
Sir Daniel Fortesque
"Good Luck with the Dragon!"
― A line from the MediEvil promotional trailer.

The Silver Wood, also known as the Jabberwocky Chase or the Dragon Chase, is a level that was cut from MediEvil.[1] The level revolved around Sir Dan being chased by the Jabberwocky.[2]

The level is present in the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha, but it is only accessible via hacking. Although the level is devoid of enemies in this early game version, its WAD and VLO files suggest that in addition to the Jabberwocky, spiders were going to appear in the level.

Much like the similar Mud Slide level, The Silver Wood is not linear; there are several divergent paths Dan can take through the woods to find various unique sights, such as a swampy area with a waterfall, a path lined with spikes leading to a pair of Buddha statues, and a cobweb spider tunnel. However, all the paths eventually converge, leading to the same exit.

The level was going to be remade in the 2019 remake of the game, but was cut for time.[3]

In promotional materials

The level was mentioned in a preview of the game for PlayStation Plus magazine released on June 25, 1997. It was described as being similar to the hog ride levels from Crash Bandicoot, along with The Mud Slide level.

Bits of the level can be seen in an early promotional trailer for the game. The level seems to be much further along than it was in the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha; the textures and lighting had been updated and the Jabberwocky had been implemented.

MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha MediEvil trailer
MediEvilECTSPreAlpha-TheSilverWood-Comparison1.gif MediEvil1998-TheSilverWood-Trailer1.gif
MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha MediEvil trailer
MediEvilECTSPreAlpha-TheSilverWood-Comparison2.gif MediEvil1998-TheSilverWood-Trailer2.gif

In the final game

"The army marched south across the Silver Mountains and through the Silver Woods. Soon afterwards even the Pumpkinlands belonged to Zarok - and Gallows Town looked to be his for the taking."

The level was entirely replaced by the 9AV full motion video, which was originally played at the start of the level, showing the beginning of the chase only. The final version of 9AV includes new footage of Dan landing in the Circle of Shadows area and combines the rest of the original 9AV with 10AV, which depicted the end of the chase.

The level location itself, the Silver Woods, is only mentioned once in the released game, in a book found in the Sleeping Village.

Book of Gallowmere



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