MediEvil Kiosk Demo

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MediEvil Kiosk Demo
Platform(s) PlayStation 4
Mode(s) Single-player
Serials CUSA-17550 (America)
CUSA-17556 (Europe)
CUSA-17566 (Japan)
Next game MediEvil Short-Lived Demo

The MediEvil Kiosk Demo is a demo version of the MediEvil remake that was available to play at expos around the world. The first known playable instance of the demo appeared on July 25, 2019 at the Game XP 2019 event in Brazil.

The demo contains the first four levels of the game - Dan's Crypt, The Graveyard, Cemetery Hill and The Hilltop Mausoleum, as well as the Hall of Heroes. On the title screen, the word "Expo" can be seen in the bottom right corner.


The demo was available to play at the following events:

  • Game XP (July 25 - July 28) in Brazil.
  • FestiGame (August 2 - August 4) in Chile.
  • Gamescom (August 20 - August 24) in Germany.
  • Insomnia65 (August 23 - August 26) in the UK.
  • PAX West (August 30 - September 2) in the US.
  • Comic Con Portugal (September 12 - September 15) in Portugal.
  • Milan Games Week (September 27 - September 29) in Italy.
  • Madrid Games Week (October 3 - October 6) in Spain.