Cemetery Hill

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Cemetery Hill
General information
Chalice Yes
Enemies Boulder Gargoyles, Zombies,
Headless Zombies
Music (original) Dan's Waltz
Music (remake) Run of the Hill
Chronological information
Level number 3.
Previous level The Graveyard
Next level The Hilltop Mausoleum
Location on Land Map
  The Hilltop Mausoleum  
Sir Daniel Fortesque
The Graveyard Return to the Graveyard
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
Deathly Smorgasbord Deathly Smorgasbord
Die 7 different ways.
A Shocking Lack Of Respect A Shocking Lack Of Respect
Destroy 100 gravestones.
Witches' Familiar Witches' Familiar
Collect the Witch Talisman and complete both witch quests.
Rock Wrangler Rock Wrangler
Avoid all the rolling rocks on Cemetery Hill.
"The Hilltop Mausoleum waits atop Cemetery Hill. It's a rocky road, but exercise would do those old bones some good."
― Loading screen description

Cemetery Hill is the third level in MediEvil and its remake, also serving as an inspiration for the level of the same name in MediEvil: Resurrection. Implied by name as a hill overlooking the Gallowmere cemetery, it is the third level in the Necropolis. It is also one of the few areas to remain consistent across all three releases. Here, the player is introduced to Sir Daniel Fortesque's arch-nemesis Zarok and will learn about key items and destructible obstacles.


The nefarious Zarok takes centre stage--and he is taken aback by Sir Dan's new lease on life. He will wake the two Boulder Gargoyles before trotting off; one rolls soft stones, while the other rolls hard stones/fireballs. Dan could run and jump straight up the winding peak before him and kill these two to head straight away for the exits, but that would suck all the fun out of this area.

Gargoyles or no, Dan can head left to discover an Energy Vial in a covered stall with the Merchant Gargoyle. Clear the zombies and press on, or use the nearby Smart Bomb to wipe them out.

Head right from the entrance and chop a couple more zombies to find an entryway blocked by a boulder. There has to be a way in. Head back to the left and around the conveniently-placed lava pool to head uphill, then drop off to the left at the first bend into a knoll with a chest. Smack a couple of Headless Zombies and grab the Club. Smash the boulders in this area to get out.

Head back to the boulder on the right and give it a whack to enter a new room. The camera angles can get a bit wonky at times, but have a convo with the Information Gargoyle to discover that this is an old coven dwelling. Kill the sundry zombies here, then bash the bookcase on the right.

This next bit requires swift timing. Use a light attack to extend Dan's club into the flame, then run across to the room on the left. Smack the torch to light it. Blitz another batch of zombies, then search the cubbies for another Energy Vial, some gold coins, and the Witch Talisman. The Chalice of Souls is here as well; grab this ASAP.

Finally, return to the hill. As Dan works his way up, he can bash the chests and small rocks on the path for Copper Shields, coins, and Energy Vials. Use the nooks and crannies to create a shortcut and/or evade some of the speedier boulders.

The Hilltop Mausoleum lies beyond the door. Use the nearby Fountain of Rejuvenation if needed, grab the gold on the opposite side, then exit.

Hall of Heroes

The statue the gargoyle is referring to is the first one on the right. Talk to Canny Tim again to get a Life Bottle.

Book of Gallowmere





Melee weapons






Main article: Speeches in MediEvil

Zarok's monologue

128 Zarok So, even from the shackles of death my old enemy pursues me!
You're too late Fortesque - already my army has risen from the grave!
You will never leave this necropolis... Ha, ha, ha!

Information Gargoyle (Witches Coven)

82 Information Gargoyle Cough! Splutter! Aaah - fresh air!
We hates these dark old caves and their filthy stench of old witches. A coven of the nasty old hags lived here once - unholy fires burning all night while they brewed up unspeakable muck in their cauldrons. They moved on years back but the smell still makes our eyes sting.

Gargoyles (Upon defeat)

124 Gargoyles We have failed the Master! We give our lives!


Main article: Books in MediEvil

Book 1

Some obstructions can be smashed down with clubs and certain other weapons, try experimenting.

Book 2

The club is a crude, but effective weapon. Bash with it! Burn with it! But beware, one bash too many and it will break.

Book 3

Of great archaeological Interest. Destroy the boulder and plunder the valuable treasures within.

Book 4 - A GUIDE TO COVENS - for Witches and Witchcraft enthusiasts

A Witches Coven would reach the height of its power only when all of their Sacred Flames were alight.
Witches have been known to offer help to the questing adventurer, yet they are a reclusive people and have to be summoned by the aid of mystic Charms or Talismans.
Let it be known that help from a Witch is rarely given freely, and the Witch will more often than not make a request of the adventurer before any such help is given.
If seeking to summon a Witch, remember that they are quite territorial. Any signs of previous Witch activity in an area is good indication that a Witch can be called upon.

Book 5

The adventurer would be wise to be thorough in the exploration of an area. Hidden locations reap great rewards.

Behind the scenes


Jason Wilson listed the tower of Babel sequence and painting from the film Metropolis as inspiration for this level.[1]

In other languages

MediEvil (1998 original)

Language Name
French (France) Colline Du Cimetière
German Der Friedhofshügel
Italian La Collina del Cimitero
Japanese 墓地の丘
Bochi no oka
Spanish (Spain) Colina del Cementerio

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Language Name
Arabic ”تلة المقبرة”
"talat almaqbarati"
Bulgarian Гробищния хълм
Grobishtniya khŭlm
Croatian Brdo Groblja
Czech Hřbitovní kopec
Danish Gravhøjen
Dutch Grafheuvel
Finnish Hautausmaakukkula
French (France) Colline du Cimetière
German Friedhofshügel
Greek Ο Λόφος Cemetery
O Lófos Cemetery
Hungarian Temetődomb
Italian La collina del cimitero
Japanese 墓地の丘
Bochi no oka
Norwegian Gravplassbakken
Polish Wzgórze Cmentarne
Portuguese (Brazil) Cemitério da Colina
Portuguese (Portugal) Colina do Cemitério
Romanian Colina Cimitirului
Russian Кладбищенский холм
Kladbishchenskiy kholm
Spanish (LatAm) Colina del Cementerio
Spanish (Spain) La Colina del cementerio
Swedish Kyrkogårdskullen
Turkish Mezarlık Tepesi

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