The Graveyard

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The Graveyard
General information
Chalice Yes[a]
Enemies Zombies
Health Fountain(s) 2
Music (original) The Awakening
Music (remake) After a Nice Long Nap
Chronological information
Level number 2.
Previous level Dan's Crypt
Next level Cemetery Hill
Location on Land Map
  Cemetery Hill   Return to the Graveyard
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Dan's Crypt
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead
Collect every Life Bottle.
A Shocking Lack Of Respect A Shocking Lack Of Respect
Destroy 100 gravestones.
That's Just Mean! That's Just Mean!
Smash a severed hand.
"Take your first steps as a hero and slay some helpless zombies. They may seem cranky, but they just woke up from a nice long nap."
― Loading screen description

The Graveyard is the second level in MediEvil and its 2019 remake. It is an open-air cemetery where Dan's Crypt can be found and serves as the introduction to basic exploration and battle tactics.


For a good part of the area, Sir Dan will be following a straight path from the crypt. He can read the book on the route, if only for it to stop and say hello. Along the marked route are lots of zombies that should go down easily, as well as a few gold coins in the open areas. Of interest are two small mandalas that will become obvious as Dan passes by. Search the top of the first mandala for some gold and the Earth Rune, then make for the nearby gate. Use the gate to reach the second mandala with more gold and a Chaos Rune. Use the nearby Fountain of Rejuvenation as needed, then open the gate in front of Sir Dan.

The next area offers a small hint regarding the way forward. Take it if needed, then make for an intersection with an angel in the centre. Dan will need to give her a few whacks to open each of the gates here, one at a time:

  • At 9 o'clock is a short path to a couple zombies, some gold, and a Life Bottle.
  • At 6 o'clock is the entrance to the area, where Dan started.
  • At 3 o'clock is the Chalice of Souls and more gold. Once Dan kills enough zombies, he can collect the Chalice.
  • Lastly, the path out of the area is at 12 o'clock. Take the stairway all the way to the top to reach a roundabout with two exits. Before entering the roundabout, take the narrow path atop the left side of the stairway to grab some gold. Then, return to the roundabout and exit north.

Dan should be in an open area fenced by a U-shaped plateau and a shallow river. On the left side of this U are some gold and the very first Merchant Gargoyle. Keep an eye out for his ilk later. Return to the basin and search for a Copper Shield and another Fountain of Rejuvenation among the platforms, then proceed across the river bridge and chat with the Information Gargoyle before exiting.

Book of Gallowmere






Rune Stones




Main article: Speeches in MediEvil

Information Gargoyle (level finish)

65 Information Gargoyle Tread softly - Zarok awaits beyond these Gates! The master meets with the Demon from the Mausoleum, hatching plots of purest evil. Forgotten nobodies would be wise to make themselves scarce!


Main article: Books in MediEvil

Book 1

Welcome back to your beloved Gallowmere. The stinking dead have risen up to dance with the liveless living, and they want to do it over your dead body.

Book 2

Don't let zombies get you down. Tend those wounds by stepping into this fountain of rejuvenation.

Book 3

Remember, nothing remains hidden under the gaze of an angel.

Book 4

The object here is the chalice. Every time you dispatch an enemy the chalice fills a little more. Once the Chalice is full it is yours to collect and you will be worthy of visiting the sacred Hall of Heroes to claim a prize!
There is a Chalice to be found in every region of Gallowmere. They are all hidden or well guarded - only a true hero will collect the full set.

Book 5

The living world lies beyond these Skull Gates. The Master of the Hilltop Mausoleum, the Stained Glass Demon has possession of the Skull Key.


In other languages

MediEvil (1998 original)

Language Name Meaning
French (France) Le Cimetière -
German Der Friedhof -
Italian Il Cimitero -
Japanese ガロメア墓地
Garomea bochi
Gallowmere Graveyard
Spanish (Spain) El Cementerio -

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Language Name
Arabic ”المقبرة”
Bulgarian Гробището
Croatian Groblje
Czech Hřbitov
Danish Gravpladsen
Dutch Het kerkhof
Finnish Hautausmaa
French (France) Le Cimetière
German Der Friedhof
Greek Το Νεκροταφείο
To Nekrotafeío
Hungarian A temető
Italian Il cimitero
Japanese 墓地
Norwegian Gravplassen
Polish Cmentarz
Portuguese (Brazil) O Cemitério
Portuguese (Portugal) O Cemitério
Romanian Cimitirul
Russian Кладбище
Spanish (LatAm) El Cementerio
Spanish (Spain) El Cementerio
Swedish Kyrkogården
Turkish Mezarlık

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  1. 26 out of a total of 44 souls needed in the original. 28 out of a total of 47 souls needed in the remake.


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