Mad Monks

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Mad Monks
Biographical information
AKA The Grounds Keepers[1]
Gender Male
Weapon(s) Shovels
Gameplay information
Soul type Minor Evil
Health 220 HP[2]
Damage dealt[2] Shovel attack: 15 HP
  • Sharpness 15
  • Weight 0
  • Fire 0
  • Magic 0
Damage taken[2][a] Sharpness Standard (1x)

Weight Standard (1x)

Fire Standard (1x)

Magic Standard (1x)

Entity name MadMonk
Behind the scenes information
Appears in

Mad Monks, alternatively known as the Grounds Keepers, were the inhabitants of the Asylum Grounds where they wandered around, shovels in hand.


14th century

These undead madmen guarded the Asylum Grounds. They went insane after the disappearance of the Head Monk of the Asylum.[3][3.1] They would sleep in open graves scattered throughout the hedge maze. Their bretheren would wake them by ringing bells situated near their sleeping spots.



Mad Monks were undead men who had sickly green skin. They had large heads which appeared to be stitched up. They had wonky red eyes, protruding yellow teeth and prominent ears. The monks wore simple brown robes tied around their waist with a thick rope-like belt. They were known to carry shovels around with them.



The monks will wander around trying to hit Sir Dan with a shovel. Some monks will immediately make their way to a bell which will wake up more nearby monks. It is recommended that players prevent them from doing this initially. However, the bell will need to be rung regardless if one wishes to acquire the Chalice of Souls in the level.

MediEvil (1998 original)


Mad Monks have 5 animations in the original game:

Official Strategy Guide entry

The Grounds Keepers might have been normal, law-abiding every day citizens. But, after years tending to this bizarre and twisted landscape neighboring the asylum, they've lost their marbles as well. Throw in a dash of Zarok's bad juju and it's a recipe for disaster four our old friend Fortesque. While they might look a bit portly, these crazies are tough, requiring multiple hits from just about any weapon. Get in close and chop away with your Broad Sword, until they are ashes and dust.[1]

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Book of Gallowmere entry

Disciples of the head monk, these men of the cloth have been driven mad by the disappearance of their master - and Jack's incessant ramblings.

The harsh chime of a bell tells them an unwelcome guest has arrived. Or that it's time for dinner. Perhaps both![3.1]

Behind the scenes


MediEvil (1998 original)

Human version
Concept art by Jason Wilson.

In concept art and early game versions such as the MediEvil Rolling Demo and the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha, the monks are not undead, but human. Some of them are peaceful, tiptoeing around the grounds on bare feet with their hands clasped in prayer, chanting.[4] Others wield shovels and attack Dan much like their final iteration. Killing them would earn Dan 200 points. These elements were likely removed to avoid religious backlash.

This early version of the Mad Monks had seven animations, two of which were cut:

US revision
A group of grounds keepers attacking Sir Dan.

The monks' design was further altered for the US release of the game where their costumes were retextured to look more like that of a gardener than a monk. This is also reflected by their name in the US guide book being "the Grounds Keepers." According to the game's designer and lead artist Jason Wilson, this change was made due to cultural differences, specifically the deep religiosity of some areas of the United States.[5] This change was also retained for the Japanese version, likely because it was based on the US version of the game.

Evolution of the Mad Monks

MediEvil: Resurrection

Concept art by Mark Gibbons (top left).

According to Dominic Cahalin, the game's lead designer, The Asylum Grounds level was set to appear in the game. The level was cut out due to development time restrictions.[6] Artist Mark Gibbons produced some concept art of the Mad Monks. In it, they appear to be hooded and inebriated, wielding a mug of beer in one hand and a flail in the other.

MediEvil (2019 remake)

In the 2019 remake of the game the Mad Monks remain undead, appearing as they did in the European versions of the original game.


Main article: Images of mad monks

In other languages

Language Name
Arabic الرهبان المجانين
alruhban almajanin
Bulgarian Луди монаси
Ludi monasi
Croatian Ludi redovnici
Czech Šílení mniši
Danish Gale Munke
Dutch Dolle monniken
Finnish Hullut munkit
French (France) Moines fous
German Verrückte Mönche
Greek Τρελαμένοι Μοναχοί
Trelaménoi Monachoí
Hungarian Őrült szerzetesek
Italian Monaci folli
Japanese マッドモンク
Norwegian Gale monker
Polish Szaleni mnisi
Portuguese (Brazil) Frades Loucos
Portuguese (Portugal) Monges Loucos
Romanian Călugării Nebuni
Russian Безумные монахи
Bezumnye monakhi
Spanish (LatAm) Monjes demenciales
Spanish (Spain) Monjes locos
Swedish Galna Munkar
Turkish Deli Keşişler


  1. Damage resistances were not re-implemented in the 2019 remake of MediEvil. This means that, unlike in the original game, all enemies take the same amount of damage from Dan's weapons.


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