Isibod Brunel

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Isibod Brunel
Biographical information
AKA Clubber Zombie
Recently Deceased Clubber
Gender Male
Resurrected 1886
Weapon(s) Cane Stick
Gameplay information
Soul type Medium Evil[1]
Health 512 HP[1]
Damage dealt[1] Cane Stick attacks: 48 HP
  • Sharpness 16
  • Weight 16
  • Fire 0
  • Magic 16
Damage taken[2] Sharpness Quarter (0.25x)

Weight Half (0.5x)

Fire Immune (0x)

Magic Standard (1x)

Immune to Ranged weapons[1]
Chicken drumsticks
Entity name LRClubMember
Behind the scenes information
Appears in

Isibod Brunel was a renowned toymaker who lived in Whitechapel. He was a member of Madam Jo Jo's club. He passed away and was buried in the Whitechapel cemetery some time before the Autumn of Death in 1886.


Isibod was an industrialist and socialist and also one of the richest men of his age. He made his fortune producing mechanical toys. After a number of unexplained accidents, he was thrown to his death whilst demonstrating the safety of his infamous steam powered rocking pony. Many monuments dedicated to him exist throughout the city of London, and he is buried within Whitechapel cemetery.

Isibod was briefly resurrected in 1886, but was returned to eternal rest by Sir Daniel Fortesque.

Heraldic achievement

Brunel's heraldic achievement appeared all throughout Whitechapel. It consisted of a coat of arms on an escutcheon, a motto, supporters, a helm and a crest:[1]



As a recently deceased zombie, Isibod still retained both of his eyes and most of his teeth, as well as his ginger beard. The brown suit he had been buried in was slightly tattered and was open in the middle, exposing his ribcage.


In his undead form, Isibod was capable of summoning an endless stream of zombies. He had also become immune to ranged weaponry.



Isibod's unlocked crypt.

Isibod must be defeated in order for Sir Dan to obtain the Beard for his Dinner Suit disguise. To unlock Isibod's crypt, Dan needs to visit Isibod's house, where he will find the Griffin Shield and Club Membership Card, as well as a memorial dedicated to him, where he can find the Unicorn Shield. Slotting the two shields into the crypt wall will unlock its door. The door will be locked behind Dan after he enters.


Isibod Brunel in his crypt.

Four zombies will spawn inside the crypt. Two more will spawn after two are slain. These zombies will yield souls and count towards the chalice. Once all six have been defeated, Isibod will come out of his sarcophagus.

At this time, multitudes of zombies will begin spawning. These zombies will not yield any souls. There can be a maximum of twelve zombies in the crypt at one time (thirteen if counting Brunel). Each time a zombie is killed, a new one will take its place. The only way to stop the zombies from spawning is to kill Brunel. The most effective way to do this is to use the Lightning or Hammer.

After he is defeated, the Beard will spawn in his sarcophagus and the crypt door will be unlocked. Any zombies that spawned before he was defeated will remain. However, if you exit the crypt and re-enter it without killing them, they will disappear.

Weapon damage table

Damage table for Isibod Brunel[2]
Weapon Attack Damage
Small Sword Main attack (swing) 6 HP
Main attack (stab) 8 HP
Secondary attack 4 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 12 HP
Broad Sword Main attack (swing) 11 HP
Main attack (stab) 13 HP
Secondary attack 8 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 24 HP
Broad Sword (Enchanted) Main attack (swing) 22 HP
Main attack (stab) 26 HP
Secondary attack 16 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 48 HP
Magic Sword Main attack (swing) 45 HP
Main attack (stab) 50 HP
Secondary attack 36 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 92 HP
Cane Stick Main attack 9 HP
Secondary attack 6 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 36 HP
Hammer Main / Secondary attack 32 HP
Secondary attack (charged; releases shockwaves) 64 HP
Axe Main attack 14 HP
Secondary attack Immune
Pistol Main attack Immune
Crossbow Main attack Immune
Flaming Crossbow Main attack (also applies burn) Immune
Gatling Gun Main attack (point blank) Immune
Main attack (at distance) Immune
Lightning Main attack 18 HP
Secondary attack (charged) 36 HP
Blunderbuss Main attack (point blank) Immune
Main attack (at distance) Immune
Bombs Main attack Immune
Arm Main attack 3 HP
Secondary attack Immune
Torch Main / secondary attack 2 HP
Main / secondary attack (on fire; applies burn) 2 HP
Effect Weapon(s) Damage
Burn Torch (when lit), Flaming Crossbow 0 X 15 HP
Shockwaves Hammer (charged attack) Immune

Behind the scenes


Isibod's name and occupation strongly suggest that he is based on the 19th century engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who built dockyards, the Great Western Railway, a series of steamships including the first purpose-built transatlantic steamship, and numerous important bridges and tunnels in England.


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  1. The exact wording of the motto is difficult to determine due to the low resolution of the source texture. Therefore, this should be considered a best guess.


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