Dragon Gem

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Dragon Gem
Icon MediEvil1998-Inventory-DragonGemICO.png
AKA Dragon's Jewelry[1]
Flavour text A sight for sore dragon eyes.
Type Item
Requirement(s) Witch Talisman
Found in The Pumpkin Serpent
Inside The Asylum
Given by Pumpkin Witch
Town Mayor
Used in The Crystal Caves
Amount 2
Appears in MediEvil MediEvil (1998)
MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)
"It is rumored that the Pumpkin Witch is in possession of a much sought after Dragon Gem. If you have a Witch Talisman you could summon this kindly Witch."
― A book in the pumpkin valley.

Dragon Gems were precious jewels that could summon Dragons. Two such gems could be found in Gallowmere in the late 14th century.


By 1386, a Dragon Gem was in the possession of the Pumpkin Witch Wartilda and another was owned by Zarok the Sorcerer. The Pumpkin Witch gave her gem to Sir Dan as a reward for defeating the Pumpkin King. Zarok left his gem in the Town Mayor's cell inside the Asylum, who was happy for Dan to take it.

Subsequently, Dan used both gems to summon the Dragon in the Crystal Caves.



The gems were red, hexagonal (or pentagonal according to some), table cut precious stones, shaped to fit into the eye sockets of a dragon's head relief in the Crystal Caves.



"The mean old Dragon can be summoned by inserting two Dragon Gems into the eye sockets of the relief."
― Excerpt from a book explaining how to use the gems.
Dragon Gems, slotted in place. Take note that the holes in the cave are shaped like the tops of the Dragon Gems.

The two Dragon Gems are required in order to progress past the Dragon Gate in the Gallows Gauntlet; at least without abusing glitches. The Dragon Armour needed to cross the gate is obtained by defeating the Dragon, who can only be summoned using the gems.

To collect the gem owned by the Pumpkin Witch, Dan needs to have the Witch Talisman from Cemetery Hill. Without it, it is impossible to summon the witch. The witch has to be spoken to after the Pumpkin King has been defeated to claim the gem.

Obtaining the gem from inside the Asylum is more straightforward as it has no prerequisites; Dan simply needs to reach the final room with the Town Mayor's cell.

After the Dragon Gems are used and the Dragon has been defeated, they cannot be reobtained by replaying the levels. This is because the Pumpkin Witch cannot be summoned again, and the gem inside the Asylum is replaced with a different item.

MediEvil (1998 original)

After the gem inside the Asylum has been collected, it will be replaced with a moneybag on replays.

It is possible to individually slot each Dragon Gem into the relief: Dan can slot in one gem and leave the area. The gem will be there on all subsequent visits.

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Message shown when Dan is missing a gem.
"There's a dragon out there who would be very happy to see those Dragon Gems. They'd be happy to see you too. Who could say no to a free meal?"
― Loading screen hint.

After the gem inside the Asylum has been collected, it will be replaced with an Energy Vial on subsequent playthroughs.

Unlike in the original game, it is no longer possible to slot an individual Dragon Gem into the relief — both gems have to be slotted in at once. If Dan only has one gem and attempts to slot it into the relief, a message saying "Two Dragon Gems Needed." will appear.

Behind the scenes


MediEvil (1998 original)

The gems were a later addition to the game as they did not exist in early versions like the MediEvil Rolling Demo or the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha.

An unused book in The Sleeping Village, introduced in version 0.37, would have explained how the Town Mayor acquired a Dragon Gem:

"I managed to buy me-self a rare Dragon Gem from a travelling tramp who told me that these precious jewels could summon Dragons! What a laugh I thought to me-self and promptly purchased the treasure for a fraction of his asking price. I now carry it everywhere I go as a good luck trinket. Smashing!

Signed, the Town Mayor."

The book was likely left unimplemented because the Town Mayor's existing dialogue implies that the gem was left behind by Zarok:

"Right, well I'll see myself out, thanks. You have a good look around, lad, Zarok's left some stuff lying about that I think you might find useful."
― The Town Mayor, shortly before leaving the Asylum.

The holes the Dragon comes out of during the boss fight seem to be shaped like the top of the gems.

MediEvil (2019 remake)

The gems were changed from having a pentagonal shape to a hexagonal shape. The inventory icon for the gems was also changed from a top view to a side view.

In real life

In Chapter 57 of Book 37: "The Natural History of Precious Stones" in Pliny the Elder's The Natural History, draconitis (meaning Dragon Stone) or dracontia is said to be "a stone produced from the brain of the dragon; but unless the head of the animal is cut off while it is alive, the stone will not assume the form of a gem, through spite on the part of the serpent, when finding itself at the point of death: hence it is that, for this purpose, the head is cut off when it is asleep."[2]


Main article: Images of Dragon Gems

MediEvil (1998 original)

MediEvil (2019 remake)

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic جوهرة التنين
jawharat altiniyn
Bulgarian Драконов скъпоценен камък
Drakonov skŭpotsenen kamŭk
Croatian Zmajev dragulj -
Czech Dračí drahokam -
Danish Dragesten Dragonstone
Dutch Drakensteen -
Finnish Lohikäärmekivi Dragonstone
French (France) Pierre de Dragon Dragon Stone
German Drachenedelstein -
Greek Πετράδι του Δράκου
Petrádi tou Drákou
Hungarian Sárkánykámea Dragon Cameo
Italian Gemma di Drago -
Japanese ドラゴンの宝石
Doragon no hōseki
Norwegian Dragekrystall Dragon Crystal
Polish Smoczy klejnot -
Portuguese (Brazil) Gema de Dragão -
Portuguese (Portugal) Pedra de Dragão Dragon Stone
Romanian Nestemata Dragonului -
Russian Драконий самоцвет
Drakoniy samotsvet
Spanish (LatAm) Gema dragón -
Spanish (Spain) Gema de dragón -
Swedish Drakjuvel -
Turkish Ejderha Taşı Dragon Stone


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