Bored with the Same Old Horror?

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Bored with the Same Old Horror? was an advertising slogan used for MediEvil 2. It was featured on postcards, print advertisements and a TV advertisement.

Postcards and print adverts

The postcards and the print adverts share the same design. They feature a hulking blue monster with a bloody axe in its hand looming over a bored woman who is filing her nails. The slogan is featured at the bottom in a bloodied font.

The postcards were distributed by Boomerang Media within cinemas in the UK, as indicated on the back of the postcards. According to Boomerang Media's website, their cinema cards were displayed in 300 postcard racks in 260 cinema foyers nation-wide and had a reach of 88% of UK cinemagoers - over 9.6 million each month.[1]

Due to being featured in cinema foyers, copies of the postcard have become a part of two collections in the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, specifically the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection[2] and the Roy Fowler Collection.[3]

TV advert

Sony PlayStation: "Bored with the Same Old Horror?"
Runtime 0:30

The TV advert was used to promote MediEvil 2 in Europe and Australia.


The advert shows a woman going about her day; she showers, gets dressed and gets in her car while menacing music plays in the background. She is interrupted throughout by two madmen wielding various weapons, but instead of being afraid of them, she seems mildly annoyed with them. "Bored with the same old horror?" asks the narrator. "Try MediEvil 2," he suggests.

Interestingly, unlike other MediEvil adverts, this one features no actual gameplay footage from the game.


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