MediEvil 2 Website Boxing Game

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MediEvil 2 Website Boxing Game
AKA MediEvil website boxing game

The MediEvil 2 Website Boxing Game was a flash game based on the Iron Slugger level in MediEvil 2. It was featured on the official European MediEvil 2 website. Beating the game made players eligible to enter a competition to win 30 MediEvil 2 T-shirts and paperweights.[1] Players were also offered the option to download a screensaver after beating the game. The screensaver was essentially a screensaver version of the game.


A keyboard is required to play this game. Players have to press the correct buttons on their keyboard based on the move shown on screen. If this is done correctly they will successfully hit the Iron Slugger. If not, the Iron Slugger will hit the player.


  • left hook = h key
  • left jab = j key
  • right lunge = l key
  • right punch = p key


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