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MediEvil II Tip of the Week
MediEvil II Tip of the Week Archive
Commercial Yes
Language(s) English
Owner(s) Hershey Foods Corporation
Status Defunct
Launched September 18

MediEvil II Tip of the Week was a promotion available on Hershey's website from September 18 to October 30. Each week a new tip was posted for a total of seven tips. Free MediEvil II strategy tip cards could also be received by mailing in four proof-of-purchase labels from various Hershey's products.[1]


Tip #1

A well charged canestick can handle multiple zombies.

Tip #2

Firing a cannon requires a cannonball and something to ignite it...duh.

Tip #3

Sir Dan's Dash + a Shield helps run past enemies without a scratch.

Tip #4

Make sure to grab the CHALICE! The professor will reward you.

Tip #5

Bearded ladies at the circus hate skeletons in armor with big hammers.

Tip #6

Pesky Imps can be easily dealt with, by a hammer's shockwave.

Tip #7

Dark room + lit torch = Visibility



  1. Sony Computer Entertainment America and Hershey Foods Corporation Team-Up For a Tantalizing Halloween Promotion on Sony Corporation of America (archived version). Published September 18, 2000.


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