Coronation of King Peregrin

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Coronation of King Peregrin
King Peregrin's crown.
Date 1236[a]
Location Castle Peregrin
Mr Snuffy

The coronation of King Peregrin took place in 1236. It was an important event in Gallowmere's history.


Peregrin had to ascend to the throne at age 15 after his father choked to death on an undercooked turnip. While the royal procession was marching on the day of his coronation and the people of Gallowmere cheered them on, Zarok's pup broke free and begun chasing a cat. The dog and cat hurled towards the King's white carriage. The Royal Guards thought the hound was about to attack the King's carriage and so they skewered him.[1]


The killing of his dog changed Zarok forever, prompting him to leave Gallowmere to pick up necromancy from an infamous dark sorcerer.[1]

For 50 years after King Peregrin's coronation, the kingdom thrived under his leadership until a terrible famine struck Gallowmere.[1]

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  1. Peregrin was crowned at age 15. It is said the kingdom thrived under his reign for 50 years. Canny Tim wins the 49th Gallowmere Games in 1285. Given the odd specificity of this, it is likely the Gallowmere Games first started when Peregrin was crowned. If we subtract 49 from 1285 we get 1236, the year of his coronation.


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