Zarok's Return

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Zarok's Return
AKA Sir Daniel Fortesque's first resurrection
Zarok's diabolical odyssey
Date 1386
Location Gallowmere
The Forces of Good
Zarok's Army
Commanders and leaders
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Morten the Earthworm
Zarok the Necromancer
Lord Kardok
"And then, the sorcerer returned..."
― A warning of things to come.

Zarok's Return was Zarok's second attempt at conquering Gallowmere, one hundred years after his last.


One hundred years after the Battle of Gallowmere, Zarok returned to resume his conquest. He plunged the land into eternal darkness, stole the souls of the inhabitants of Gallows Town and resurrected the dead. However, he also unwittingly resurrected Sir Dan, his former nemesis. Daniel followed Zarok's trail across Gallowmere until he finally cornered him in his lair.


Zarok was defeated and Gallowmere was restored to its former state. Daniel returned to his slumber and because the gargoyles were impressed with him, he was allowed to join the Hall of Heroes in death.[1]


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