Mr Snuffy

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Mr Snuffy
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Died 1236[a]
Gallowmere, Britain
Family Zarok (master)

Mr Snuffy[1][1.1] (died 1236) was Zarok's childhood pup and his closest companion.



Zarok and Mr Snuffy spent many sunny days together playing in fields of wheat and splashing across streams. However, Mr Snuffy's life was cut short on King Peregrin's coronation day when he began chasing a cat. The cat and dog ran into the royal procession and straight towards the king's carriage. While the cat managed to get away unseen, Mr Snuffy wasn't so lucky. The King's Guards skewered Mr Snuffy, as they were under the impression that the hound was about to attack the king's carriage. This event served as a catalyst for Zarok's hatred for King Peregrin and his obsession with necromancy.[2]

Possible resurrection

Whether Zarok ever sucessfully resurrected Mr Snuffy is unknown.[2]

In other languages

Mr Snuffy's name and title are unchanged in Hungarian.

Language Name Meaning
Arabic السيد ”سنافي”
alsayid "snafi"
Bulgarian Мистър Снъфи
Mistŭr Snŭfi
Croatian Nosonja Nosy
Czech Dášeňka[b] -
Danish Hr. Snuffy -
Dutch Fikkie[c] -
Finnish Herra Nuusku -
French (France) Monsieur Gratouilles Mr Scratchy
German Kleinen Schnuffel Little Snuffy
Greek Κύριο Snuffy
Kýrio Snuffy
Italian Fuffi Fluffy
Japanese スナッフィーちゃん
Norwegian Herr Snuffy -
Polish Puszko Fluff
Portuguese (Brazil) Sr. Rabugento Mr Grumpy
Portuguese (Portugal) Bolinhas -
Romanian Dl Supărilă -
Russian Бобик[d]
Spanish (LatAm) Firuláis[e] -
Spanish (Spain) Olisquitos -
Swedish Luffsen -
Turkish Çomar[f] -


  1. Peregrin was crowned at age 15. It is said the kingdom thrived under his reign for 50 years. Canny Tim wins the 49th Gallowmere Games in 1285. Given the odd specificity of this, it is likely the Gallowmere Games first started when Peregrin was crowned. If we subtract 49 from 1285 we get 1236, the year of his coronation.
  2. Dášenka was a puppy whose life was documented in a book called Dášeňka čili život štěněte by writer Karel Čapek.
  3. Fikkie is a cliched name for a dog in the Netherlands.
  4. Бобик is a cliched name for a dog in Russia, often used for strays or barn dogs.
  5. Firuláis is a generic name for a stray dog in Spanish.
  6. Çomar means shepherd dog or large dog in Turkish.


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