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"The Chrono-chair prototype, patented by one Hamilton Kift, is a revolutionary machine that enables a person to part the veils of time and visit either past or future."
― A book about the Chrono-chair in the Museum.

Kift's Amazing Confabulating Chrono-chair, also known as the Time Machine, was one of Professor Hamilton Kift's earliest inventions.


19th century

Sir Dan first learnt about the Chrono-chair after he received a poster showcasing it from the Spiv. Dan confronted the Professor about it who revealed that the Chrono-chair never worked and was being exhibited at The Museum. Motivated by Kiya's death, Dan headed there immediately. He gathered the Time Machine Pieces to repair the Chrono-chair and then used it to travel through space, landing in the sewers. There he stole the Time Stone from the Mullocks he had previously helped. Finally capable of travelling through time, he returned to Whitechapel moments before Kiya's death where he successfully changed history.

The Chrono-chair was not seen again until after Lord Palethorn's defeat when it appeared out of a wormhole. Dan and Kiya hopped aboard and travelled through space and time once again.

As Dan and Kiya travelled through time, the Chrono-chair seemingly malfunctioned. Its turbulence separated them and threw them into their respective lifetimes. The Chrono-chair was then never seen again.


Many years later, scholars would study the Professor's blueprints for the Chrono-chair but would never find it in his collection, oblivious to its fate. The first scholar to find out what happened to the Time Machine is Professor Darrow, who learnt about it from a mysterious bandaged man.


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