Fancy Pants Armour

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Fancy Pants Armour
Found in The Game Prequel icon.png MediEvil: The Game Prequel
Used in The Game Prequel icon.png MediEvil: The Game Prequel
"Danny boy's gonna need to wear the fancy pants armor that 'ee normally wears."
Griff, discussing the plan.

The Fancy Pants Armour was a suit of armour that was custom made for Captain Fortesque.[1]



"... There's the armor we're after. Custom made for Lord Fopdoodle 'ere."
― Griff, MediEvil: The Game Prequel

In order to pass off as the captain, Sir Daniel Fortesque, the captain's future undead self, had to wear the armour while fighting the Jabberwocky attacking Castle Peregrin in 1286 in order to make the knights of Gallowmere believe that they have a skilled commander to lead them. This plan did work, although the armour was damaged in the process.



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