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Icon Torch
Type Item / Melee weapon
Requirement(s) Museum Key
Found in The Museum
Used in The Museum, Greenwich Naval Academy
Attack(s)[1] Both attacks
  • Sharpness0 Weight4 Fire0 Magic0

Both attacks (on fire)[a]

  • Sharpness0 Weight4 Fire16 Magic0
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Torch was a helpful item Sir Dan found in The Museum.


Sir Dan found the Torch in the Display Room of The Museum. It helped him to fire a Cannon Ball at a collapsed piece of wall to clear the way forward. Later, when he returned to the Museum for reconnaissance purposes, he used to torch to illuminate a reconstructed Egyptian tomb. Later still, on a mission in Greenwich, he used the Torch to light the fire under an air balloon to get it up in the air.


The Torch replaces the functionality of the Club from the first game. However, unlike the club, it cannot be used to break boulders, and is mostly useless in combat, unless used to set enemies alight. The torch is also indestructible, and therefore does not need to be replaced frequently like the Club.

Behind the scenes


Based on information on the European version of the official website, the Torch had a limited lifespan, much like the Club in the first game.[2] This is further confirmed in the MediEvil 2 0.19 development build where a percentage is present on the Torch icon. However, the percentage does not decrease, meaning the Torch was already made indestructible by the time of this build. Despite this, an extra Torch can be found just outside Kiya's tomb.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Torche
German Fackel
Italian Torcia
Portuguese (Portugal) Tocha
Russian Факел
Spanish (Spain) Antorcha


  1. Applies burn.


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