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This article is about the cowardly living Dan. For the undead hero, see Sir Daniel Fortesque.
Captain Fortesque
Biographical information
Captain F (by Griff)

Lord Fopdoodle (by Griff)
Gib-faced hornswoggler (by Zarok)
Chicken-hearted fribble (by Zarok)
Lily Liver Fortesque (by Noreen)
Yella belly (by Noreen)

Title(s) Captain of the Militia (1286)
Age 32
Born 1254[1][a]
Gallowmere, Britain
Family Sir Daniel Fortesque (future self)
Lord Cedric Fortesque (father)
Granny Fortesque (grandmother)
Unnamed Fortesque (close relative)
Colonel Freddie Fortesque (relative)
Unnamed younger sibling(s)
Signature MediEvil-RetailerLaunchKit-SirDanSignature-Traced.svg
Behind the scenes information
Designed by Jason Wilson
Appears in The Game Prequel icon.png MediEvil: The Game Prequel
"Lupo! It's time I pay visit on sweet Widow Lucinda! She can pay me this week's rent! Ha! It's good to be me!"
― Captain Fortesque, off to see Widow Lucinda.

Sir Daniel Wigginbottom Fortesque IV (born 1254), better known as Captain Fortesque, is the cowardly living version of the legendary Sir Dan. Originally destined to die a failure at the Battle of Gallowmere as part of Zarok the Sorcerer's evil scheme, his fate was changed when his future self took his place in the battle using a Body Swap Potion, trapping the Captain in a skeletal body. Hundreds of years after the fact, the Captain would recount the story to Professor Darrow of Cambridge Archaeology.


Early life

Dan was born in the kingdom of Gallowmere in 1254 as the eldest son of Lord Cedric Fortesque. Dan was a spoilt and bratty child who grew up to be a lazy, arrogant teenager. Daniel decided to become a knight solely to impress the maidens. He trained with the best weapons masters in the land, showing a degree of natural talent, but was too lazy to ever deliver on his potential. No matter! With daddy's money behind him, he rose through the ranks of the king's army. And then one day the king's champion, his horse spooked by a toad, was thrown head-first into a well where he promptly drowned. Against all good sense, the king - listening solely to the words of a new advisor - appointed Daniel to be the new Captain of his army.[1]

As a captain

Captain Fortesque was first seen by his undead future self while he was out hunting with his hound Lupo. The Captain decided to return to the castle to pay a visit to Widow Lucinda. His plan was interrupted when the guards at the gates told him that the king wished to see him at once.

In their meeting, the king revealed that the army of the undead was marching upon the castle and that they will reach it within a day. The Captain promptly excused himself as he had wet his pants.

Some time later, the Captain was waiting for Widow Lucinda in his bedchambers. He was startled when the undead Dan walked in instead. Griff, the undead Dan's fairy companion, tried to fajazzle the Captain, but failed, so the undead Dan knocked him out.

The night before the battle, the Captain tried to escape from the castle. However, he was captured by Griff and his sister Noreen who fajazzled the Captain properly this time, leaving him in a trance-like state. After Noreen's friend Wartilda successfully brewed a Body Swap Potion, the Captain found himself inside the undead Dan's body who took his place on the battlefield. He was left tied up in Wartilda's hut where his faithful hound Lupo watched over him as well as a gift left behind by the undead Dan.

Modern day

Hundreds of years later, in the present day, Captain Fortesque met with Professor Darrow in Cambridge and recounted the story of the Battle of Gallowmere to her.[b]

Behind the scenes


See also: MediEvil 3: Fate's Arrow

Captain Fortesque was designed by Jason Wilson for the MediEvil: The Game Prequel comic in 2018. As a character, he was originally conceptualised by Chris Sorrell as part of the 2003 MediEvil 3: Fate's Arrow concept pitch that the comic was based on. Captain Fortesque's eventual role in the comic ended up being largely similar to his role in the concept pitch. However, the idea that Sir Daniel Fortesque was a pompous failure in life originally came from script doctor Martin Pond during the development of the original MediEvil.[4] Chris Sorrell revealed that Captain Fortesque's depiction in the comic was largely inspired by the show Blackadder, specifically the titular main characters from its first two seasons.[3]


  • In his room, Captain Fortesque has portraits of himself and a close relative. A similar portrait of the Captain ends up in the possession of Professor Darrow hundreds of years later.


  1. The years given in MediEvil: The Game Prequel are 100 years off from the dates given in MediEvil 2. For the sake of consistency with MediEvil 2, 100 years have been added to years from MediEvil: The Game Prequel on this page. See GP:CANON for more information.
  2. Though the identity of the modern day Dan is deliberately left unclear,[2] the original outline for Fate's Arrow had the cowardly Dan stay in his heroic counterpart's undead body. Chris Sorrell has also confirmed that Sir Dan is stuck in a time loop,[3] which lends more credibility to the modern day Dan being Captain Fortesque.


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