Land Map

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Land Map
General information
AKA The Map of Gallowmere, Map screen
Music MAP

Land Map, also known as the map screen or the Map of Gallowmere, is a level in MediEvil. It serves to show Dan how far he's come in his journey and to select which area he wants to go to next. Zarok's black clouds obscure areas he hasn't reached yet.[1]


In other languages

Language Name
Arabic خريطة ”غالومير”
kharita "ghalumir"
Bulgarian Карта на Галоумиър
Karta na Galoumiŭr
Croatian Karta Gallowmerea
Czech Mapa Gallowmeru
Danish Kort over Gallowmere
Dutch Kaart van Gallowmere
Finnish Gallowmeren kartta
French (France) Carte de Gallowmere
German Karte von Gallowmere
Greek Ο Χάρτης της Gallowmere
O Chártis tis Gallowmere
Hungarian Gallowmere térképe
Italian Mappa di Gallowmere
Japanese ガロメアの地図
Garomea no chizu
Norwegian Kart over Gallowmere
Polish Mapa Gallowmere
Portuguese (Brazil) Mapa de Gallowmere
Portuguese (Portugal) Mapa de Gallowmere
Romanian Harta Gallowmere
Russian Карта Гэллоумира
Karta Gelloumira
Spanish (LatAm) Mapa de Gallowmere
Spanish (Spain) Mapa de Gallowmere
Swedish Karta över Gallowmere
Turkish Gallowmere Haritası

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