Dan the Exterminator

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Dan the Exterminator
Description Exterminate five rats in the Hilltop Mausoleum basement.
Trophy type
Hidden No
Prior trophy Dan the Scribe
Next trophy Dan the Invincible

Dan the Exterminator is a silver trophy in MediEvil: Resurrection.

How to unlock

At the beginning of the level, break open the graves until you find one that leads into the catacombs below. This is where you can find rats, which you can squish with your Warhammer. The Warhammer is given to you by Stanyer Iron Hewer after collecting two Chalices of Souls. It is not possible to squish rats with the Club.

In other languages

The trophy name is untranslated in Greek. This is the same for other "Dan the" trophies including Dan the Unstoppable, Dan the Dragon, Dan the Famished, Dan the Scribe, Dan the Invincible, and Dan the Merciful.

Language Name
Arabic "دان" المبيد
"dan" almubid
Chinese (Simplified) 丹,终结者
Dān, zhōngjié zhě
Chinese (Traditional) 滅絕者丹
Mièjué zhě dān
Czech Deratizátor Dan
Danish Skadedyrsbekæmperen Dan
Dutch Dan de Verdelger
Finnish Tuholaistorjuja Dan
French (Canada) Dan l’Exterminateur
French (France) Dan l’Exterminateur
German Dan der Kammerjäger
Hungarian Dan irtó jó
Indonesian Dan sang Pembasmi
Italian Dan lo sterminatore
Japanese 駆除人ダニエル
Kujo hito Danieru
Korean 몰살자 Dan
molsalja Dan
Norwegian Kverkeren Dan
Polish Dan Pogromca
Portuguese (Brazil) Dan, o Exterminador
Portuguese (Portugal) Dan, o Exterminador
Romanian Dan Deratizator
Russian Дэн-ликвидатор
Spanish (LatAm) Dan, el Exterminador
Spanish (Spain) Dan el Exterminador
Swedish Utrotaren Dan
Thai Dan นักกำจัดหนู
Dan nạk kảcạd h̄nū
Turkish İlaçlamacı Dan
Vietnamese Dan hủy diệt


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