Winner Winner

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Winner Winner
Description Obtain 4 Carnival Tokens.
Trophy type
Hidden No
Prior trophy Testing the Waters
Next trophy Dan the Dragon

Winner Winner is a silver trophy in MediEvil: Resurrection.

How to unlock

To obtain a Carnival Token, you must complete all challenges in a given mini game. There are six Undead Carnival mini games and two Lazy Farm mini games. Most mini games have nine challenges spread across three tiers. A new tier is unlocked when a previous tier is cleared. The exception to this is Weapon Master, where all challenges are available from the start.

If you find yourself struggling to complete a mini game, try another one! And remember, if you make any mistakes, you can always rewind.

In other languages

Language Name
Arabic الفائز الفائز
alfayiz alfayiz
Chinese (Simplified) 大吉大利
Dàjí dàlì
Chinese (Traditional) 大贏家
Dà yíngjiā
Czech Vítěz, vítěz
Danish Alt at vinde
Dutch Ga voor goud
Finnish Hymyilevä voittaja
French (Canada) Jackpot !
French (France) Jackpot !
German Wir haben einen Gewinner
Greek Έχουμε Νικητή
Échoume Nikití
Hungarian Győztes győztes
Indonesian Pemenang Utama
Italian Un solo vincitore
Japanese ウィナーウィナー
Korean 승자는 바로
seungjaneun balo
Norwegian Du vant
Polish Żeton wygrany, kurczak podany
Portuguese (Brazil) Ganhando todas
Portuguese (Portugal) Vencedor
Romanian Campionul, campionul
Russian Это победа!
Eto pobeda!
Spanish (LatAm) ¡Lotería!
Spanish (Spain) ¡He ganado!
Swedish Vilken vinnare!
Thai ผู้ชนะ ผู้ชนะ
P̄hū̂ chna p̄hū̂ chna
Turkish Hadi İyisin
Vietnamese Người chiến thắng


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