Dan the Dragon

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Dan the Dragon
Description Defeat an enemy by breathing fire.
Trophy type
Hidden No
Prior trophy Winner Winner
Next trophy Dan the Famished

Dan the Dragon is a bronze trophy in MediEvil: Resurrection.

How to unlock

After obtaining the Dragon Armour by defeating the Dragon King on Dragon Island, you can wear the armour and press X button to breathe fire. Do this on any killable enemy in any level to unlock the trophy.

Before version 1.02, fire breathing only seemed to work if the game was lagging. A good place to earn the trophy was thus Dan's Crypt. Players could head in here, equip the Warhammer and smash down the loose brick wall. Then they could head inside and make sure that they are facing the main chamber of the crypt. This would have caused enough lag for them to be able to kill the mummy in the hidden room with fire breath.

In other languages

The trophy name is untranslated in Greek. This is the same for other "Dan the" trophies including Dan the Unstoppable, Dan the Famished, Dan the Scribe, Dan the Exterminator, Dan the Invincible, and Dan the Merciful.

Language Name
Arabic "دان" التنين
"dan" altiniyn
Chinese (Simplified) 丹,龙的化身
Dān, lóng de huàshēn
Chinese (Traditional) 龍王丹
Lóngwáng dān
Czech Drak Dan
Danish Dragen Dan
Dutch Dan de Draak
Finnish Lohikäärme Dan
French (Canada) Dan le Dragon
French (France) Dan le Dragon
German Dan der Drache
Hungarian Dan, a sárkány
Indonesian Dan sang Naga
Italian Dan il drago
Japanese 竜となったダニエル
Ryū to natta Danieru
Korean 용이 된 Dan
yong-i doen Dan
Norwegian Dragen Dan
Polish Smoczy Dan
Portuguese (Brazil) Dan, o Dragão
Portuguese (Portugal) Dan, o Dragão
Romanian Dan Dragonul
Russian Дэн-дракон
Spanish (LatAm) Dan, el Dragón
Spanish (Spain) Dan el Dragón
Swedish Draken Dan
Thai มังกร Dan
Mạngkr Dan
Turkish Ejder Dan
Vietnamese Rồng Dan


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