Dan the Invincible

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Dan the Invincible
Description Finish a level outside of Dan's Crypt and Gallowmere Plains without taking damage.
Trophy type
Hidden No
Prior trophy Dan the Exterminator
Next trophy Dan the Merciful

Dan the Invincible is a silver trophy in MediEvil: Resurrection.

How to unlock

The easiest level to obtain this trophy in is The Graveyard, but levels such as Welcome to the Sleeping Village and Sleeping Village are also viable options, as they can be finished very quickly by flipping the exit gate switch as soon as possible. The safest way to dispatch enemies is with a ranged weapon, so that you can keep a safe distance. If you do get hit, you can use the built-in rewind function to undo it.

In other languages

The trophy name is untranslated in Greek. This is the same for other "Dan the" trophies including Dan the Unstoppable, Dan the Dragon, Dan the Famished, Dan the Scribe, Dan the Exterminator, and Dan the Merciful.

Language Name
Arabic "دان" الذي لا يقهر
"dan" aladhi la yuqhar
Chinese (Simplified) 丹,无敌的化身
Dān, wúdí de huàshēn
Chinese (Traditional) 無往不勝的丹
Wúwǎngbùshèng de dān
Czech Dan Neporazitelný
Danish Usårlige Dan
Dutch Dan de Onoverwinnelijke
Finnish Voittamaton Dan
French (Canada) Dan l’Invincible
French (France) Dan l’Invincible
German Dan der Unverwundbare
Hungarian Dan, a legyőzhetetlen
Indonesian Dan yang Tak Terkalahkan
Italian Dan l'invincibile
Japanese 無敵のダニエル
Muteki no Danieru
Korean 천하무적 Dan
cheonhamujeog Dan
Norwegian Dan den usårbare
Polish Niezniszczalny Dan
Portuguese (Brazil) Dan, o Invencível
Portuguese (Portugal) Dan, o Invencível
Romanian Dan Invincibilul
Russian Непобедимый Дэн
Nepobedimyy Den
Spanish (LatAm) Dan, el Invencible
Spanish (Spain) Dan el Invencible
Swedish Dan den odödlige
Thai Dan ผู้ไร้เทียมทาน
Dan p̄hū̂ rị̂ theīym thān
Turkish Ölümsüz Dan
Vietnamese Dan vô địch


  • Despite the background being gold, this is a silver trophy.
    • The background is likely gold so that it is distinct from the Don't Dillydally or Lollygag trophy, which is otherwise identical in appearance.


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