Hero of Gallowmere (trophy)

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Hero of Gallowmere
Description Unlock all trophies in MediEvil: Resurrection.
Trophy type
Hidden No
Next trophy Don't Dillydally or Lollygag

Hero of Gallowmere is the platinum trophy in MediEvil: Resurrection.

How to unlock

The platinum trophy is achieved once all other 38 trophies are earned.

Behind the scenes

Trophy name

The name of the trophy refers to Sir Daniel Fortesque. A trophy in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale bears the same name.

In other languages

Language Name
Arabic بطل "غالومير"
batal "ghalumir"
Chinese (Simplified) 加洛米尔的大英雄
Gài luò mǐ'ěr yīngxióng
Chinese (Traditional) 蓋洛米爾英雄
Jiā luò mǐ'ěr de dà yīngxióng
Czech Hrdina z Gallowmere
Danish Gallowmeres helt
Dutch Held van Gallowmere
Finnish Gallowmeren sankari
French (Canada) Héros de Gallowmere
French (France) Héros de Potencie
German Held von Gallowmere
Greek Ο Ήρωας της Gallowmere
O Íroas tis Gallowmere
Hungarian Gallowmere hőse
Indonesian Pahlawan Gallowmere
Italian Eroe di Gallowmere
Japanese ガロメアの勇者
Garomea no yūsha
Korean Gallowmere의 영웅
Gallowmere-ui yeong-ung
Norwegian Helten av Gallowmere
Polish Bohater Gallowmere
Portuguese (Brazil) Herói de Gallowmere
Portuguese (Portugal) Herói de Gallowmere
Romanian Eroul din Gallowmere
Russian Герой Гэллоумира (Gallowmere)
Geroy Gelloumira
Spanish (LatAm) Héroe de Gallowmere
Spanish (Spain) Héroe de Gallowmere
Swedish Gallowmeres hjälte
Thai ฮีโร่แห่ง Gallowmere
Ḥīrò h̄æ̀ng Gallowmere
Turkish Gallowmere'ın Kahramanı
Vietnamese Anh hùng của Gallowmere


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