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This page is about concepts that never materialised in an actual game or prototype. Ideas presented here are not canonical.

MediEvil: A Game of Bones was a pitched concept for a third MediEvil game, conceptualised in the early 2010s. It was going to be a midquel between the first two games.[1] It is possible that the game was going to be a PlayStation Move title.[2]


The aim of the game was to keep the encroaching Winter from engulfing Gallowmere by fighting various ice demons, trolls and armies that take their energy from the cold. The warmer Gallowmere becomes the weaker the enemies get, the colder Gallowmere becomes the stronger and more powerful the enemies become.[1]


A few hundred years after Dan's defeat of Zarok, Jack Frost threatens Gallowmere with everlasting winter. The 'cult of Dan Fortesque' resurrects Sir Dan to stop him. One big problem for Dan is that the Kingdom is rooting for its own popular hero of the people – a handsome macho heroic Knight who has vowed to save the day. The two characters would have had a Toy Story-esque Woody and Buzz relationship, one that starts of in bitter competition with one another and then ends in the two having to work together to save the day.[1]



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