Les musiques de MediEvil

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Les musiques de MediEvil
Artist(s) Andrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold, Jason Page
Release date(s) January 1998
Publisher(s) S.N.A.
Length 40:34

Les musiques de MediEvil (The Music of MediEvil in French) is a soundtrack CD that was included with January 1998's issue of Joypad, a French video game magazine.

The CD includes 10 tracks from MediEvil composed by Andrew Barnabas and Paul Arnold and 6 tracks from Porsche Challenge composed by Jason Page.

It is the only officially released version of the MediEvil soundtrack.



  1. The Awakening (2:11)
    Played in Dan's Crypt, The Graveyard, Inside The Asylum and The Lake. Track 0 in the game's cheat menu.
  2. Quest for Vengeance (2:09)
    Played in Return to the Graveyard and The Pumpkin Serpent. Track 1 in the game's cheat menu.
  3. Dan's Waltz (2:03)
    Played in Cemetery Hill and The Entrance Hall. Track 8 in the game's cheat menu.
  4. A difficult path (2:07)
    Played in the Scarecrow Fields. Track 3 in the game's cheat menu.
  5. Morten's Dance (1:58)
    Played in the Pumpkin Gorge. Track 9 in the game's cheat menu. The name of the track suggests it may have been intended for use in the sections featuring Morten the Earthworm.
  6. Enchanted Wood (2:07)
    Played in The Enchanted Earth and The Sleeping Village. Track 4 in the game's cheat menu.
  7. Desecrated Church (2:13)
    Played in The Hilltop Mausoleum. Track 5 in the game's cheat menu.
  8. Journey throught[sic] the Crystal Caves (2:17)
    Played in The Crystal Caves. Track 20 in the game's cheat menu.
  9. City in the Clouds (2:08)
    Played in The Haunted Ruins. Track 6 in the game's cheat menu.
  10. Triumph in Death (2:39)
    Played during the Credits. Track 15 in the game's cheat menu.

Porsche Challenge

  1. Stuttgart (Exciting) (3:19)
  2. Stuttgart (Panic) (3:04)
  3. Japan (3:14)
  4. USA (3:08)
  5. Alpine (3:42)
  6. Menu (1:53)

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