MediEvil 3: Fate's Arrow

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This article is about the unrealised concept for a PS2 game. For the comic inspired by it, see MediEvil: The Game Prequel.
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This page is about concepts that never materialised in an actual game or prototype. Ideas presented here are not canonical.
MediEvil 3: Fate's Arrow
Developer(s) SCEE Cambridge Studio
Platform(s) PlayStation 2

MediEvil 3: Fate's Arrow was a concept for a third MediEvil game pitched to SONY by Chris Sorrell in 2003.[1] It was going to be a direct sequel to MediEvil 2. A heavily modified version of the concept's story was released sixteen years later as the official MediEvil: The Game Prequel comic.


Sir Dan crashes into the earth after his journey through time with Kiya. However, Kiya is nowhere to be found. He soon realizes he's in the middle of a woodland hut and is quickly confronted by a monstrous hound. The hound turns out to be his dog from his living days, Lupo. The living Sir Dan walks in looking for Lupo, but the hound decides to stay with the kinder, skeletal version of his master. After throwing a rock at a bat hanging off a tree (and missing), the living Dan leaves.

The bat - Karloff - takes Dan and Lupo to his master - the Oracle - who reveals that the timeline has been disrupted. Zarok has been joined by an evil Egyptian sorceress: Kiyante, Queen of the Withering Sun. Kiya has played Dan like a fiddle, tricking him into rescuing her, stealing the Time Machine and delivering her into the company of the one figure from history whose evil ambitions mirror her own. By using an artifact known as the Anubis Stone, she will raise an army of undead. She will ensure that living Sir Dan doesn't die so soon and instead sticks around long enough to doom the Gallowmere Militia, creating a new timeline where Zarok wins.

In the three weeks before the Battle of Gallowmere, Daniel travels to a distant island to form an alliance with an eccentric genie whose magic can block Kiyante's. Later, he makes a trip to Mullock Island, where he saves the Mullocks from a terrible beast, thus earning their allegiance and eventual worship. Then he travels to the Fairy Kingdom, where he aids the fairies led by Griff in their struggle against the Hornets. On Zarok's Island, Dan befriends the Giant Dwarves who help him steal the Anubis Stone from Zarok. In the Silver Wood, Dan helps the Shrubbites rid themselves of the "Dark Shrubbite Curse" and gains the assistance of the Woodland Witch.

At the eve of the Battle of Gallowmere, Dan plants special enchanted arrows in Lord Kardok's tent, before concocting a special Body Swap Potion that enables him to switch bodies with cowardly Sir Dan and thus to lead the Gallowmere charge himself. Dan sacrifices himself in the battle and the timeline is restored.

Behind the scenes


Many elements from MediEvil 3: Fate's Arrow, such as Al-Zalam, the Anubis Stone and the Shrubbites were used in MediEvil: Resurrection, a reimagining of the first game in the series that was developed in its stead. The name of one of the mini games in MediEvil: Resurrection is a reference to Fate's ArrowArrow o' Fate.


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