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MediEvil 3 (alternatively stylised as MediEvil III) is a hypothetical new video game entry in the MediEvil series. It is unknown whether the game would be a sequel, prequel or midquel to the existing games, or a reboot of the franchise.

Game pitches

Over the years there have been several attempts to produce an official third entry into the series, especially by SCEE Cambridge Studio:

SCEE Cambridge Studio pitches

Other pitches

Fan-made attempts


  1. "Nothing official went ahead but we had various little neat ideas discussed including Dan in space ( wearing a space age update of his armour) but the one that we did some artwork and design for was a MediEvil game that would have taken place back in olde Gallowmere and would have seen an evil Jack Frost plunging the land into winter."Comment by Kergan on MediEvil 3: Fate’s Arrow [PS2 – Cancelled Pitch] on Unseen64. Published April 23, 2016. Retrieved August 10, 2023.
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