Haunted Ruins

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Haunted Ruins
General information
AKA Passage to the Haunted Ruins[a]
Chalice Yes
Enemies Shadow Demons, Stone Golems, Undead Warriors
Music Home of the Dead
Chronological information
Level number 16.
Previous level Dragon Island
Next level Ghost Ship
Location on Land Map
  Pools of the Ancient Dead  
Ghost Ship
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Crumbling Castle Crumbling Castle
Start the Haunted Ruins level.
Chalice of Souls Chalice of Souls
Fill and obtain 7 Chalices.
Chalice of Heroes Chalice of Heroes
Fill and obtain 15 Chalices.
Dan the Invincible Dan the Invincible
Finish a level outside of Dan's Crypt and Gallowmere Plains without taking damage.
"Passage to the Haunted Ruins. If a person were determined to make their way to the Haunted Ruins, they could do a lot worse."
― Loading screen narration

Haunted Ruins is the sixteenth level in MediEvil: Resurrection.


Dan's Private Journal entry


Death finally agreed to take me to the Haunted Ruins. I hope it's as pretty as everyone says. This Dragon Armour stuff is top. Crossed the river of lava and barely broke a sweat.

Finally I made it into the Haunted Ruins. After locating the king's lost crown I stood face to face with my old pal, the genial and garuulous monarch.

Does EVERYONE have an angle? Old Kingy coughed up his chunk of Anubis mineral deposit. Then calmly informed me that I had to open some floodgates. Thereby releasing a deluge of lava beneath the castle, supposedly to destroy a certain horde of Shadow Demons. Someone is NOT going to be happy. And guess who'll be in the firing line?

Kingy P. opened a secret passage to the floodgate area, and in I went. That lever was mine for the pulling, baby. So I pulled it. With an inevitability that is really starting to get me down, this released two rather angry guardian golems.

Phew, somehow finished them off, then a mad dash for the exit. Managed to reach it just seconds before the whole edifice crashed down around me. There was much rejoicing in the eye-socket of Fortesque. I wish the little squirt would quit jumping around in there - it plays havoc with my sinusitis.

The Voodoo Witch's fortune

"You is hanging out in some crumbling castle, Derelhiction is everywhere around.
I sensing somthin' here, a presence, yeah it's an old guy of regal bearin'.
I'm gettin' de letters K and P. Does dat mean anyting to you? This Man he haunts de castle to guard a ting of great power. Hold on I'm getting a bad vibe now. This place is DANGEROUS man.
Woah! I sensing great heat, wellin up fra below de fortress treatenin' its very existence. I tink de spirits are tryin' to tell you de boiler's about to go!"
The Voodoo Witch


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Chicken Herding Hint


We are but humble farmers who have been captured by Zarok and used as a human shield. I am not complaining, it's a job I spose, but our poor livestock are starvin! Please kind stranger, take pity, they are but innocents and ignorant of the ways of men, let not our chickens starve.

Signed, Humble Farmer

Farmer Puzzle Hint

Zarok is using the local farmers as a human shield.

They dangle precariously over sharp spikes in the courtyard below.

At the first sign of trouble the Shadow Demons will attempt to sacrifice the captives by dropping them onto sharp spikes.

Move quickly, slay the demons on guard and save the farmers from a nasty death.


The ghost of Peregrine, last King of Gallowmere has occasionally been seen wandering these very halls. The story goes that he mourns the passing of Gallowmere's golden age, his long departed friends and, most of all, his lost crown. It is said that if the crown were ever returned then King Peregrine could at last find rest.

Golem Lever


This lever operates floodgates sealing the lava chamber that lies deep below.

Unless you have express permission from the King:

Do not pull lever.
Do not touch lever.
Do not look at lever.

Penalty for improper use:
As a failsafe two Golem Guardians are under orders to attack anyone initiating the castle's self-destruct.

Oil Pump Hint


Authorised personnel only.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Les Ruines hantées
German Spukruinen
Italian Rovine Infestate
Spanish (Spain) Las Ruinas Encantadas


  1. This is how the level is referred to in the Voodoo Witch's tent. It is also called this by the narrator during the level's loading screen.


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