Dragon Island

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Dragon Island
General information
Chalice No
Boss(es) Dragon King
Music Scurvy Docks
Chronological information
Previous level Scurvy Docks
Next level Haunted Ruins
Location on Land Map
    Scurvy Docks
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Hot Scales Hot Scales
Start the Dragon Island level.
Sharp Tongued Lizard Sharp Tongued Lizard
Defeat the Dragon King.
Chalice of Souls Chalice of Souls
Fill and obtain 7 Chalices.
Chalice of Heroes Chalice of Heroes
Fill and obtain 15 Chalices.
Dan the Dragon Dan the Dragon
Defeat an enemy by breathing fire.
Dan the Invincible Dan the Invincible
Finish a level outside of Dan's Crypt and Gallowmere Plains without taking damage.
"Dragon Island. Islands with dragons on were once considered quite the fashionable property investment."
― Loading screen narration

Dragon Island is a level in MediEvil: Resurrection.


This level is straightforward. Head further into the island until you find the entrance to a cave. Before you enter, you can buy supplies at the nearby Merchant Gargoyle. Once ready, enter the cave. After talking for a while, the battle with the Dragon King will begin.

The first phase requires that you block the holes the King is coming out of by smashing specific sections of the floor with either the Club or Warhammer. Each floor section corresponds to a hole. From left to right, the first floor section corresponds to the third hole, the second section to the fourth hole, third section to the first hole, and finally, fourth section to the second hole.

Once all holes are blocked, the King will burst forth from behind the rock wall and the second phase of the battle will begin. The King is vulnerable when he's breathing fire. When he is doing this, get in close and hit him with one of your swords. If you stay within melee range long enough, the King will perform a melee attack with his head. He will also beat his wings to try and knock you into the lava. To avoid the wing attack, take cover behind the crystals in the area. Be careful though as prolonged exposure to the wing attack will wear crystals down and will eventually cause them to shatter.

After he is defeated, the King finally gives Dan the Dragon Armour. With a swish of his tail, he sends Dan flying back to the mainland.

With the armour in tow, Dan should consider revisting his crypt and the asylum before making his way to the Haunted Ruins.

Dan's Private Journal entry


Well, my suspicions about the world's most pathetic seagoing vessel proved well founded. I only just made it to the island, I got soaked to the nines and I'm still baling out my codpiece. And yes, I was panicking. There are good reasons why armour is never used as a buoyancy aid.

And so I got to meet the Dragon King. Dragon Breath more like. And hoity-toity to boot. And would he loosen his hot little grip on the family heirloom? Unhand the Dragon Plate Armour nice and easy for the good of Gallowmere? What do YOU think?

In the end, I had to beat the flame-retardant pants off him. Luckily, his resulting poor-loser sulk, and a swish of his powerful tail, meant I managed to avoid a potentially hazardous return trip on the Sunken Rowboat of Atlantis.

The Voodoo Witch's fortune

"Me see a mist drenched island where a massif dragon lies asleep on top of treasure.
Wait, what Mad folly is dis? Me see some lunatic tryin' to wake de beast.
Dis nutter HACTUALLY wants to fight a DRAGON! Who is dis hignoramus? Wait, he's turnin' round, m'see a dopey face an' a single boggly-heye…
oh… er… well, m'sure he knows what 'e doin'
Jah bless, suicidal Knight!"
The Voodoo Witch


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Dragon Island Hint


Despite their generally fearsome reputation, many Dragons are in fact sensitive, erudite creatures, who enjoy nothing more than a good book and a chalice of chamomile tea.

Beware though, even the most sophisticated serpent can get a little testy if disturbed.

Behind the scenes


Dragon Island serves as a partial replacement for The Crystal Caves level from the original game. According to MediEvil: Resurrection's designer, Dominic Cahalin, a full version of the Crystal Caves level was set to appear in the game. However, the level was eventually cut due to time constraints.[1] It is unclear whether this would have been a part of Dragon Island or a separate level not featuring the Dragon King boss fight.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) L'Île du Dragon
German Dracheninsel
Italian Isola del Drago
Spanish (Spain) Isla del Dragón


  1. ProBoards "Initially we had planned two additional levels for Resurrection (I completed the revised paper design for them). These were the asylum grounds and the Crystal Caves (both based loosely on the levels from the original games). These were cut out due to development time restrictions, which was a real shame, as they had some cool new play mechanics and character designs. The launch of the PSP was eventually delayed by Sony by 6 months, which meant that we could easily have finished the game with all the levels :("MediEvil developers - Q&A; on MediEvil Boards. Published August 4, 2013.


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