Gallowmere Plains

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Gallowmere Plains
General information
Chalice No
Enemies None
Music Gallowmere Waltz
Mini game(s) Undead Carnival:
Pit o' Death, Guardian o' the Bell, Arrow o' Fate, Trebuchet o' Terror, Whack-a-Zarok, Weapon Master
Lazy Farm:
Shepherd's Delight, Vermin Control
Chronological information
Level number 7.
Previous level Return to the Graveyard
Next level Welcome to the Sleeping Village
How about Some Gallows Humor How about Some Gallows Humor
Start the Gallowmere Plains level.
Testing the Waters Testing the Waters
Play all carnival games.
Winner Winner Winner Winner
Obtain 4 Carnival Tokens.
"Gallowmere Plains. Big, flat and home to a circus! What are you waiting for?"
― Loading screen narration

Gallowmere Plains is the seventh level in MediEvil: Resurrection. It serves as a kind of hub level, from which Sir Dan can reach multiple areas, as well as compete in various mini games for Carnival Tokens.


The main purpose of the level is for Dan to compete in its mini games so that he can earn 8 Carnival Tokens and buy Woden's Brand from the local Merchant Gargoyle. It is not expected that this is done in one go.

The level is considered complete after Dan exits the level through the Forest Gate. To do this, he needs to acquire the Forest Key from inside the Asylum in order to unlock it.

Mini games

Undead Carnival

Lazy Farm

Dan's Private Journal entry


There's loads to do here: a carnival, and a farm, and a really great shop. But I must not tarry as the fate of all Gallowmere rests upon my broad yet bony shoulders. From the plains I can get to the Sleeping Village or take the road to Scarecrow Fields. Or possibly just stop here and have a few ales. Sadly, I fear 'twould just sloosh through the holes in my ribcage.

There's another way out leading to the Enchanted Forest but the path is locked. Once again fate hawks up a fat loogie into the cocoa of my quest.

The Voodoo Witch's fortune

"I see a DEEPLY BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED woman talkin' with an clueless emaciated chinless wonder.....ooooh sorry that must be me and you I tink. Um.
Now let me focus again, yes, I see a marvellous CARNIVAL. Oh There are many prizes for the BRAVE and SKILLFUL. Mmmm given that, I shouldn't waste me money there if I were you!"
The Voodoo Witch


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Graveyard Gate

Gallowmere Graveyard lies this way. Emptying fast, reservations no longer required.


Due to an unforeseen enchantment the residents of Sleeping Village are currently murderous puppets enslaved to the will of Zarok. Please refrain from harming the villagers as ordinarily they are a peace loving people and would not dream of attempting to place anyone's head on a sharp pole.

Fields Gate

Straight on to Scarecrow Fields and then the enchanted realm of Pumpkin Gorge.
Drive slowly, vegetables crossing.


Golf coach
Qualified masseur
(Previous experience working with chickens required)
Pool Cabana Attendant
Rat Exterminator
(Herding experience an advantage, Must be self-starter)

Forest Gate

Path to the Enchanted Forest.

WARNING: Dragon Toad breeding season.
By order of the Mayor these gates have been locked for your safety.


Unbeatable prices on stock that fell off the backs of wagons from every corner of the realm.

Sorry no credit.

Only two school-imps at a time.

Behind the scenes


Imps in Gallowmere Plains.

In build 0.23 of the game, Imps were scattered throughout the main area of the level instead of sheep. This was changed to how it is in the final game by build 0.63.

A mini game known as the Mystery Game was cut from the Undead Carnival. Little is known about the mini game safe for the fact that it required visiting a website.


In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Les Plaines de Potencie
German Ebene von Gallowmere
Italian Pianure di Gallowmere
Spanish (Spain) Las Llanuras de Gallowmere


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