MediEvil II 0.19

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MediEvil II 0.19
Region NTSC
Language(s) English
Primary Volume Descriptor
Volume Identifier MEDIEVIL2
Volume Creation Date 1999/04/19
Volume Creation Time 12:03:50
Creation Date Wednesday, 24th November 1999.
Creation Time 06:07:48
Creation Date Monday, 20th December 1999
Creation Time 21:37:00

An internal NTSC build of MediEvil II that is 101 days older than the USA Master Build. Its build number is 0.19.



  • Contains several playable test levels as well as the cut Parliament level.
  • Levels like Kensington, Greenwich Observatory and The Time Machine are not yet split up into two or more levels.
  • The Torch icon has a percentage next to it, indicating that Torches were going to break with use like Clubs in the first game.
  • The inventory icon for the Head is different.

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

  • Dan exits the level automatically.
  • The first Life Bottle is not in this level yet.

The Professor's Lab


  • The first Life Bottle is not obtained after defeating Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, but in the Town House in Kensington.
  • Things are laid out differently in the Town House.
  • Sir Dan can return to Kensington from inside the Museum through a broken window, but only before entering the tomb.
    • This is because the Tomb is not its own level yet.
  • There is a Torch outside the door to Kiya's tomb.

The Freakshow

  • The Chalice is much harder to fill than in the final game.

Greenwich Observatory

  • The Chalice is located in the Greenwich Naval Academy section of the level.

Kew Gardens

  • The Potting Shed Key is in a different location.
  • The Antidote appears in the ranged weapon section of the inventory instead of the item section.
  • The Chalice is much easier to fill than in the final game.


  • The weapon from the Professor is found on the invention bench instead of being given by Winston.
  • The Chalice and Life Bottle positions are swapped.

Iron Slugger

  • The music is different.
  • The life bars are different.

Wulfrum Hall

  • An extra Life Bottle is outside the mansion on the left.
  • Severed hands spawn by the window into the kitchen instead of the starting area.
  • The old Renfield model appears at the door when the bell is rung.
  • The fourth vampire room is missing some walls.


  • There are extra boxes behind Isibod's house.
  • After the level, Wulfrum Hall will load instead of The Sewers.


Debug Menu

While holding L2 button press Triangle button, Triangle button, Triangle button, Triangle button. New options will then appear in the pause menu.

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