Potting Shed Key

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Potting Shed Key
Icon Potting Shed Key
Type Item
Found in Kew Gardens
Used in Kew Gardens
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Potting Shed Key was used to unlock the Potting Shed in Kew Gardens.


Sir Dan was sent to Kew Gardens as part of his mission to track down and stop Lord Palethorn. He found a key in a water feature there, which he later used to unlock the Potting Shed.


Dan needs to head right from his starting position until he comes across a water feature with the key in it. He needs to remain vigilant however as a Giant Pumpkin will begin rolling towards him when he approaches. Once it is out of the way, he needs to grab the key and head the other way. If he keeps heading forward past the entrance into the greenhouse, he will find the Potting Shed. The Water Tank Valve is inside.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
French (France) Clé de l'abri de jardin -
German Gartenschuppen-Schlüssel -
Italian Chiave del capannone -
Portuguese (Portugal) Chave da Barraca Hut Key
Russian Ключ от котельной
Klyuch ot kotel'noy
Boiler Room Key
Spanish (Spain) Llave del cobertizo -

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