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Icon Antidote
AKA Plant Antidote
Type Item
Found in Kew Gardens
Dropped by Pumpkin Plants
Used in Kew Gardens
Used on Civilians
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2
"You've got to stop the humans from turning into pumpkins. If they get infected, use the antidote before it's too late. I don't know exactly how many we can afford to lose."
Winston, on how to cure the civilians.

The Antidote could prevent hapless civilians from turning into Pumpkin Plants. It could be extracted from destroyed plants.


During his mission to stop Lord Palethorn, Sir Dan found himself in Kew Gardens where the local pumpkins became monsters and began turning visitors into pumpkin monsters themselves. In order to prevent the civilians from turning into monsters, Dan had to kill pumpkin plants to harvest an antidote, which he then used to cure the civilians.


An Antidote can be obtained by killing Pumpkin Plants. It prevents civilians from turning into pumpkins. Whenever Dan kills a pumpkin plant, it releases 25% more of the antidote which Dan can pick up to recharge the item. The antidote is similar in use to the Good Lightning.

In other languages

The French translation is the same as the original English.

Language Name
German Serum
Italian Antidoto
Portuguese (Portugal) Antídoto
Russian Противоядие
Spanish (Spain) Antídoto


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