Greenwich Observatory

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"Greenwich. Winston's done some reconnaissance. He says he saw something weird going on at the observatory. If Palethorn's behind it, it must be stopped!"
― Mission briefing

Greenwich Observatory is the fifth level of MediEvil 2. It consists of two sections: Greenwich Observatory and Greenwich Naval Academy.

Greenwich Observatory
General information
AKA Greenwich Docks
Chalice Yes
Enemies Octomators, Birds, Octo-Zombies, Sailor Zombies
Chronological information
Level number 5.[1]
Previous level The Freakshow
Next level Kew Gardens
Location in London
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Greenwich Observatory is the first section of the Greenwich Observatory level.


Book of London




In other languages

Language Name
French (France) L'Observatoire de Greenwich
German Greenwich Observatorium
Italian Osservatorio di Greenwich
Portuguese (Portugal) Observatório de Greenwich
Russian Гринвичская обсерватория
Grinvichskaya observatoriya
Spanish (Spain) Observatorio de Greenwich


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