Pools Of The Ancient Dead

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Pools Of The Ancient Dead
General information
Chalice Yes
Enemies Ghouls, Tentacles, Armoured Knights, Undead Warriors
Music (original) IG6
Music (remake) Necromancer's Finest
FMV before level 5AV
Chronological information
Level number 14.
Previous level The Enchanted Earth
Next level The Lake
Location on Land Map
The Lake    
Sir Daniel Fortesque
The Enchanted Earth
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead
Collect every Life Bottle.
Deathly Smorgasbord Deathly Smorgasbord
Die 7 different ways.
"The Battle of Gallowmere is long past, but an army of the undead still marches through these muddy plains. Try not to trip on your own grave!"
― Loading screen description

Pools Of The Ancient Dead is the fourteenth level in MediEvil. It is where the Battle of Gallowmere was fought against Zarok, 100 years prior to the events of MediEvil; presumably, it was here where Sir Dan was killed. It has since become inundated with large quantities of water, converting it into a swamp, filled with undead soldiers. Dan talks to the Boat Man here, who says he will take Dan to the sunken town of Mellowmede if Dan brings him eight lost souls.


Book of Gallowmere






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Book 1

Weapons are useless against the heavy armour of the knights. Don't let them shove you in the swamp - that mud will never come out.


In other languages

MediEvil (1998 original)

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Language Name
Arabic ”برك الموتى القدامى”
"brak almawtaa alqudamaa"
Bulgarian Блатата на древните мъртви
Blatata na drevnite mŭrtvi
Croatian Mlake drevnih mrtvih
Czech Tůně starých mrtvých
Danish De Gamle Dødes Vandhuller
Dutch Poelen van de Oude Doden
Finnish Muinaiskalmojen altaat
French (France) Zone des Anciens défunts
German Totentümpel
Greek Οι Βάλτοι των Αρχαίων Νεκρών
Oi Váltoi ton Archaíon Nekrón
Hungarian A rég holtak tavai
Italian Le paludi dei morti viventi
Japanese 死者たちの沼
Shisha-tachi no numa
Norwegian Bassenger av oldtidens døde
Polish Stawy pradawnych umarłych
Portuguese (Brazil) Águas dos Mortos Ancestrais
Portuguese (Portugal) Poças dos Mortos Antigos
Romanian Gropile Morților Antici
Russian Заводи древних мертвецов
Zavodi drevnikh mertvetsov
Spanish (LatAm) Ciénagas de los Muertos Antiguos
Spanish (Spain) Las Ciénagas de los antiguos muertos
Swedish De Uråldriga Dödas Dammar
Turkish Kadim Ölülerin Gölcükleri


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