The Entrance Hall

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The Entrance Hall
General information
AKA Castle Zarok
Chalice Yes
Enemies Imps
Music (original) Dan's Waltz
Music (remake) Run of the Hill
FMV before level 11AV
Chronological information
Level number 20.
Previous level The Ghost Ship
Next level The Time Device
Location on Land Map
Sir Daniel Fortesque
The Time Device The Ghost Ship
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
Zip Zap Imp Splat
Fry a dozen Imps with Lightning.
Gimme That Back! Gimme That Back!
Lose, then recover your weapon from an Imp.
"Zarok conducts his evil wizardly duties here. Try not to disturb the imps during their routine cleaning duties. And please take off your shoes."
― Loading screen description

The Entrance Hall is the twentieth level of MediEvil. It was not remade in MediEvil: Resurrection.


Book of Gallowmere






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Book 1

Those mischievous Imps have been at Zarok's spell books again. They're shielded by magic, the naughty creatures!



Raising the dead - pg5

Putting a town to sleep - pg71

Looking good for the over 400s - pg136

Robbing people of their free will - pg207

Summoning demons - pg268

Card tricks - pg298

Book 3 - The Secret Diary of Zarok

100 years I've spent in exile, using my anger to keep me warm, feeding off my suffering, relaxing with my angst. But soon they will pay, all of them - including Fortesque. He thwarts my first plan to conquer Gallowmere and then posthumously claims to have killed me! When I find him I'm going to get medieval on his bony behind. I never liked him anyway, always hanging around the court, interfering: 'Where are you going with that dead cat, Zarok', 'Where did you find that brain, Zarok?'. Wretched busybody.

Behind the scenes


Jason Wilson listed imagery from the film Der Golem as inspiration for Zarok's study.[1]


In other languages

MediEvil (1998 original)

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Language Name Meaning
Arabic ”قاعة المدخل”
"qaeat almadkhali"
Bulgarian Преддверието
Croatian Ulazna dvorana -
Czech Vstupní hala -
Danish Hallen -
Dutch De entreehal -
Finnish Eteishalli -
French (France) Hall d'Entrée -
German Die Eingangshalle -
Greek Η Είσοδος
I Eísodos
Hungarian A fogadócsarnok -
Italian Il vestibolo -
Japanese ザロック城
Castle Zarok
Norwegian Velkomsthallen -
Polish Sala wejściowa -
Portuguese (Brazil) O Salão de Entrada -
Portuguese (Portugal) Hall de Entrada -
Romanian Sala de Intrare -
Russian Вестибюль
Spanish (LatAm) La Sala de Entrada -
Spanish (Spain) La Sala de entrada -
Swedish Entréhallen -
Turkish Giriş Salonu -


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