Pumpkin Gorge

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Pumpkin Gorge
General information
AKA Pumpkin Valley
Chalice Yes
Enemies Pumpkin Plants, Pumpkin Bombs
Music (original) Morten's Dance
Music (remake) Gourd and Evil
Chronological information
Previous level Scarecrow Fields
Next level The Pumpkin Serpent
Location on Land Map
    The Pumpkin Serpent
Scarecrow Fields
Sir Daniel Fortesque
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
"So this is where all those tasty pumpkins come from. They might find you tasty too."
― Loading screen description

The Pumpkin Gorge is a level in MediEvil. It becomes available after completing the Scarecrow Fields level. After completion, the Pumpkin Serpent level becomes accessible.


Book of Gallowmere




Melee weapons



Rune Stones




Information Gargoyle (level finish)

69 Information Gargoyle All bow down before the master of the vegetable patch, the prize-winning plant who can summon an army of cabbage with a wave of his noble tendril. He's delicious, he's nutritious, he's Zarok's secret recipe - he's the Pumpkin King!


Main article: Books in MediEvil

Book 1

Up and down these magical mushrooms go! They will take you higher and higher but be careful not to fall and sink without a trace.


In other languages

MediEvil (1998 original)

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Language Name
Arabic ”وادي اليقطين”
"wadi alyaqtin"
Bulgarian Клисурата на тиквите
Klisurata na tikvite
Croatian Jaruga bundeva
Czech Dýňová rokle
Danish Græskarkløften
Dutch Pompoenkloof
Finnish Kurpitsasola
French (France) Vallée des Potirons
German Kürbisschlucht
Greek Το Φαράγγι της Κολοκύθας
To Farángi tis Kolokýthas
Hungarian Tök-szurdok
Italian La Gola delle Zucche
Japanese パンプキン谷
Panpukin tani
Norwegian Gresskarkløfta
Polish Dyniowy Wąwóz
Portuguese (Brazil) Desfiladeiro das Abóboras
Portuguese (Portugal) Vale das Abóboras
Romanian Trecătoarea Dovleacului
Russian Теснина Тыкв
Tesnina Tykv
Spanish (LatAm) Garganta de las Calabazas
Spanish (Spain) La Garganta de las calabazas
Swedish Pumpadalen
Turkish Bal Kabağı Vadisi


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