Cathedral Spires

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"Well you seem to know more about this place than I do so there's no point in briefing you, is there?"
― Mission briefing

Cathedral Spires is a collection of two levels in MediEvil 2. It consists of Cathedral Spires and Cathedral Spires, the Descent.

Cathedral Spires
General information
Chalice No
Enemies Flying Demons
Chronological information
Level number 15.[1]
Previous level The Time Machine, the Ripper
Next level Cathedral Spires, the Descent.

Cathedral Spires is considered to be the game's fifteenth level.[1]


Book of London



In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Les flèches de la Cathédrale
German Türme der Kathedrale
Italian Le guglie della cattedrale
Portuguese (Portugal) Pináculos da Catedral
Russian Соборные башни
Sobornyye bashni
Spanish (Spain) Las Agujas de la Catedral


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