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General information
AKA Lair of the Ripper
Chalice Yes
Enemies Zombies, Isibod Brunel, Peelers
Chronological information
Level number 10.[1]
Previous level The Count
Next level The Sewers
Location in London
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"We last heard from Kiya here. See if you can find her. My scans show something powerful has been collecting magic energy, so watch your back."
― Mission briefing

Whitechapel is the tenth level of MediEvil 2.



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Book 1

This house belonged to Isibod Brunel, noted industrialist and socialist, he was one of the richest men of his age. He made his fortune producing mechanical toys. After a number of unexplained accidents he was thrown to his death whilst demonstrating the safety of his infamous steam powered rocking pony. Many monuments exist throughout the city, and he is buried within Whitechapel cemetery.

Behind the scenes


A poster with "CRIME" written on it can be found in the level. This poster depicts a pub sign starring Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. It can also be found in the Title Level.


In other languages


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