Whack an Imp

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Whack an Imp is a mini game from MediEvil 2 in The Freakshow level. It can only be accessed after obtaining the Hammer and is the only way to obtain the Chicken Drumsticks in the game.


The goal of the mini game is to whack the specified number of Imps with a hammer before time runs out. The Imps stay above ground for a very short time and throw green goo at Dan. Occasionally, an Energy Vial will appear over one of the holes. The rewards for successfully completing a level are 10 chicken drumsticks, adding up for a total of 30.


  • The first level requires you to whack 8 Imps in 60 seconds. 
  • The second level requires you to whack 10 Imps in 60 seconds.
  • The third level requires you to whack 12 Imps in 70 seconds.



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