Hall of Heroes

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Hall of Heroes
General information
Music Hall of Heroes
"Welcome to the hall of Heroes. I went to the Hall of Zeroes once. It's quite dull but at least they don't all make chicken noises when your back's turned."
― Loading screen narration

The Hall of Heroes is a level in MediEvil: Resurrection, where heroes from history spend their time feasting, drinking and arm-wrestling. Sir Dan can visit this hall by collecting a Chalice of Souls. The heroes can grant him a new weapon or another item that may prove useful. After collecting all available chalices, Daniel can become one of the heroes.




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Hero Homage

To pay homage to the heroes stand in front of their statues and await spiritual guidance.



In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Le Panthéon des Héros
German Halle der Helden
Italian Sala degli Eroi
Spanish (Spain) Galería de los Héroes

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