Horned helmet man

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Horned helmet man
Biographical information
Gender Male
Behind the scenes information
Appears in The Game Prequel icon.png MediEvil: The Game Prequel
"I think 'ee's actually going to lead us!"
― Horned helmet man when Sir Fortesque appeared on the battlefield.

The horned helmet man (fl. 1286) was an inhabitant of Gallowmere.


Nothing is known about the man's origins. In 1286, on the day of the Jabberwocky attack, he was in line at the Weapon Requisitions at Castle Peregrin. Based on his position in line, he had ticket number 29, and was thus served before Canny Tim. The next day, he was at the Battle of Gallowmere where he was encouraged by the appearance of Sir Daniel Fortesque on the battlefield.[1] His ultimate fate is unknown.



The man wore a horned helmet on his head and sported a full beard on his face. He wore bracers on his arms and a distinct belt around his waist. He seemed to be shorter than the average person; both Sir Dan and Canny Tim were taller than him.[1]



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