Lord Cedric Fortesque

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Lord Cedric Fortesque
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Biographical information
AKA Daddy (by Captain Fortesque)
Gender Male
Family Captain Fortesque (eldest son)
Sir Daniel Fortesque (eldest son)
Granny Fortesque (mother)
Unnamed Fortesque (relative)
Colonel Freddie Fortesque (relative)
Unnamed child(ren)
Behind the scenes information
Appears in The Game Prequel icon.png MediEvil: The Game Prequel

Lord Cedric Fortesque (fl. 1254) was the father of Sir Daniel Fortesque and the head of the Fortesque family in the late 13th century.


Not much is known about Lord Cedric. He is said to have been the richest noble man in the land. He fathered several children, his eldest son being Sir Daniel Fortesque, who was born in 1254. Lord Cedric would support Daniel financially into his 30s, helping him rise through the ranks of King Peregrin's army.[1] At some point, the King supposedly promised Cedric that Dan's role as his champion would not entail any actual fighting.[1] What became of Cedric after the Battle of Gallowmere is unknown.

Behind the scenes


The name Cedric was invented by Scottish novelist Walter Scott for his novel Ivanhoe, possibly misread for Cerdic, name of a Saxon king, anglicized from Welsh caredig (“beloved”). Alternatively, Scott based Cedric on the Welsh name Cedrych (“spectacular bounty”).


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