Mazok the Muddled

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Mazok the Muddled
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Biographical information
Title(s) Court Magician (? - 1286)
Gender Male
Family Jabberwocky (creation)

Mazok the Muddled (fl. 1286) was King Peregrin's Court Magician before Zarok.


Mazok was a highly incompetent magician, something that Zarok sought to exploit to worm his way into King Peregrin's Court by bringing a terrible famine upon Gallowmere. Peregrin ordered Mazok to boost the sickly pumpkin crop, but Mazok's spell backfired, turning the pumpkins into monsters. Mazok's subsequent plan involved transforming a Dragon Egg into a chicken which created the Jabberwocky. It is unknown what happened to Mazok afterwards; it is possible that he was one of the Jabberwocky's first victims. Nevertheless, his post eventually went to Zarok.


Previous Court Magician Next
Unknown ? - 1286 Zarok

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