Chicken Drumsticks

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Chicken Drumstick
Icon Chicken Drumsticks
Type Item
Requirement(s) Hammer
Found in The Freakshow
Capacity 30
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

Chicken Drumsticks were enchanted food that could turn hostiles into Roast Chicken.



Chicken Drumsticks can be obtained by completing rounds of Whack an Imp in The Freakshow level. In order to access the mini game, Sir Dan must have the Hammer. Each successfully finished round of the mini game will award Dan with 10 drumsticks for a total of 30. Only 30 drumsticks can be held at any one time. Any drumsticks collected in excess of 30 will be discarded.


The drumsticks are capable of turning a few enemies into Roast Chicken (which can be eaten to heal 20 HP). Unfortunately, most enemies are immune to the drumsticks' effects. Only 7 enemies are not:


  1. This includes zombies who are paired with a Regal Zombie.
  2. Drumsticks only work on Sailor Zombies while they aren't being controlled by Octomators.

Behind the scenes


Chicken Drumsticks are a returning weapon from MediEvil. Functionally they remain virtually the same. Their icon from the first game was reused. Additionally, they were moved from the weapon section of the inventory into the item section.


In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Pilon de poulet
German Hühnerbein
Italian Coscia di pollo
Portuguese (Portugal) Perna de frango
Russian Куриная ножка
Kurinaya nozhka
Spanish (Spain) Muslo de pollo


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