Madam Jo-Jo

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Madam Jo-Jo
Biographical information
Gender Female
Born c. 1841 (aged 45 in 1886[1])
Behind the scenes information
Voiced by Melanie Hudson
Appears in
"Good stranger, you look for the Egyptian one?"
― Madam Jo-Jo, adressing Sir Dan.

Madam Jo-Jo (born c. 1841) was the proprietor of the club in Whitechapel.


When Sir Dan entered her club, Jo-Jo informed him that Kiya was there a while ago and that she went looking for the Ripper. Before sending him after her, she gave Dan a Life Bottle.



Jo-Jo was a woman in her mid-40s. She wore a green dress, a pair of red gloves and a tight red corset which accentuated her chest. She had ginger hair which she wore in a bun. She wore heavy make-up on her face which consisted of a blue eyeshadow, rouge on her cheeks and a deep red lipstick on her lips.


Jo-Jo could be found sitting next to a piano in her club. It is likely that she knew how to play it.


"She was here, I told her what's been happening, but the Ripper, he's been working through all my girls. I think she's gone to find him. I tried to stop her, but she's a headstrong girl. If she means anything to you, you'd better find her before it's too late. Quick, hurry to the clock tower..."
― Madam Jo-Jo tells Sir Dan everything.

Madam Jo-Jo serves purely to advance the plot in the Whitechapel level. She cannot be interacted with outside of her cutscene.

Behind the scenes


Concept art of Madam Jo-Jo.

Concept art of Madam Jo-Jo shows several elements that were removed from her in-game model. This includes a pair of earrings, a choker and two flowers on her chest. Her in-game model also includes a red corset does not appear in concept art.


Madam Jo-Jo was voiced by Melanie Hudson. The character was described as having a London accent similar to Barbara Windsor in press releases.[1]


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