The Spiv

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The Spiv
Biographical information
Gender Male
Behind the scenes information
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2
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"This crafty scoundrel is the Spiv. He'll provide you with nearly everything you'll need... at a hefty price."
Winston Chapelmount, introducing the Spiv.

The Spiv (fl. 1886) was an unsavoury fellow, but a useful contact for Sir Dan. He provided ammunition and repairs to the Hero of Gallowmere during the Autumn of Death.


Sir Dan can buy ammunition for ranged weapons, an enchantment for his Broad sword, or have his Super Armour or Gold shield repaired by him.


Service Amount Price
Enchant Sword 100% 100G
Repair Gold Shield 100 75G
Repair Super Armour 100 150G


Item Amount Price
Crossbow 50 50G
Flaming Crossbow 50 80G
Pistol 50 30G
Gatling Gun 50 40G
Blunderbuss 30 50G
Bombs 10 100G

Behind the scenes


The Spiv serves as a replacement for Merchant Gargoyles from the original MediEvil.


Spiv is an old cockney term for a petty crook that can turn his hand to anything as long as it doesn't involve hard work.



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